What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS hosting? For those of you who want to learn more about Virtual Private Server (VPS) or guys who now have a website using shared hosting and planning to move to VPS Hosting, then you’re on the right article.

Because in this article, we will discuss:

  • How it Works VPS Hosting
  • Difference Between VPS and Shared Hosting
  • When do I need VPS Hosting?
  • How to know the specifications VPS that fit for the website with amount of visitors?

I will try to explain very simply to make it more easily understood.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server located on a Master, or can be defined as a Master Server that is in a virtual partition.

The VPS like a capacity of 100 GB hard drive and then partitioned into four sections, each getting 25 GB. Each partition is used by a single user only.

How it Works – VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, every website is hosted in it will have a good performance. This is because each partition of the Master server has its configuration each according to what is required by the customer. So VPS work optimally without interference from the outside, this is called Isolated Environment.

To make it easier to understand, here’s a picture that describes the difference between shared hosting to VPS Hosting:


Basically, if you host your website on a VPS, you use one server pieces together with customers / other websites. However, each customer will receive a virtual machine with its respective resources (processors, storage, memory and bandwidth) dedicated only to one customer.

Customers or other websites that are on the other partition or a virtual machine will not affect the performance of your website.

In contrast to the shared hosting one server parent ganged-do, this is what causes instability in the shared hosting, because when a website owned by someone else is using a great resource, then your website will be affected.

Virtual Private Server is almost similar to a dedicated server, where you actually pay for resources that you use without interference from other customers.

Difference Between VPS and Shared Hosting

To be even easier to understand, we analogy is with a home server.

Shared Hosting: is a house with 1 room, 1 dining room and 1 bathroom which is inhabited by 10 people. Everyone who lives in this house, every morning to queue for the bathroom, bedroom coincide and fighting over food.

VPS Hosting: is a house that is used as a boarding house, every single house has a bed room, a dining room and 1 bathroom. 1 house only be occupied by one person only, so the person can eat, sleep and shower at any time without having to take the time to wait in line.

When I Need VPS Hosting?

Indeed, this question is often a dilemma when having a website. Some of you feel confused when having to choose between Shared and VPS Hosting.

Shared hosting does have a very cheap price, but with the service and performance are minimal. While VPS has prices that tend to be more expensive, but its performance is already no doubt.

Here are some things that can be used as signs or characteristics should move the website to VPS.

1. Increase Your Website Visitors

If your website visitor reach 2,000 to 3,000 per day with 6,000 page views per day, the VPS is the right choice for you.

Although with the amount of traffic, shared hosting is still able to handle it, but we never know if these 3,000 visitors feel comfortable with the speed of the website we offer? Is there a pageview potential wasted because of shared hosting suddenly unstable?

By using VPS, the potential is very large increase in the number of visits, this is due to our websites became faster and google search engines prefer websites with short load time to put on the first page of Google search results.

2. Backend Feels Weight

Usually if our website using a CMS, then when the visitors were high, backend website will be very heavy. Post articles and upload images will take longer.

If you feel the above too, then immediately move to VPS Hosting, with a backend that fast then you will increase productivity.

An article will be published faster, and the visitors also access your website faster..

3. Security and Root Access

If you are a web developer who take care of some of the websites belonging to the client, then better keep client websites on a VPS server.

By using a VPS server, security and stability will be very high, this will minimize complaints from clients who complained of long website.

VPS server also provides full root access to users, this allows you to configure it according to what the client wants.

What specifications VPS fitting for my website?

If you are unsure of the specifications VPS right for your website, try buying a VPS with the lowest package for 1 month and feel the performance. If it feels lighter and comfortable then that specification VPS server suitable for your website today.

Is there a free VPS trial?

No, but you usually need a credit card before they can use the VPS trial.

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