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Many hosting providers there are special WordPress hosting packages. Mostly there can be installed with one click WordPress simply. I have a list of them.

best hosting wordpress site

For clarification, the criteria by which vendors were selected: The provider in this list were then selected if they offer a package that is designed specifically for WordPress (at Host Europe, for example, the package “blog hosting”). This list is not intended to give the impression that WordPress can not be easily installed on other packages or other hosters.

If a hosting provider advertises a package specifically for WordPress, you should have to worry that everything is set up so that WordPress runs optimally on this package. Many hosters offer such packages or have even dedicated completely to the infrastructure for the popular CMS. Nine of them, we have culled here for you.

The order is not entirely arbitrary, it starts with the large, well-known hosting and continues with hosters who place a greater emphasis on WordPress hosting. If you want to install the CMS instead at a WordPress hosting provider first time locally, you should take a look at this product.

WordPress hosting with Strato

Recently, also offers Strato (affiliate link) WordPress hosting packages. The small tariff is free at twelve months duration for the first six months and then costs 3,49 Euro. In addition a setup fee of 14.90 euros. Included are 25 Gigabytes of Web Space, two gigabytes for MySQL databases on a SSD and PHP 7. In the small package, only one WordPress installation to operate, gives access to the server it with SSH and SFTP.

If you want to operate in a package of multiple WordPress installations, you have to pick up the big plan in which you have space for three installations.

WordPress hosting at Host Europe

Host Europe offers the possibility of parallel to the live site to operate a test page can be tested for the updates and other changes. Host Europe offers the opportunity to operate in parallel with the live site a test page can be tested for the updates and other changes.

In Host Europe (affiliate link), there is the package “blog hosting” for 9.99 euros a month with a one-time setup fee of 14.99 euros for at least six months contract period, while there is a satisfaction guarantee – the charge for the first month is done after 30 days, a notice of termination of one day is always possible in this time. Includes, in addition to 30 gigabytes of storage space a database on a SSD and a test environment that can be tested for the risk major changes.

Because there was not even there FTP access with the best package to Host Europe is aimed clearly at the pure user – in the larger packages are then FTP, but not SFTP. On the positive side, however, that in all packages an SSL proxy is available, so that the page can be operated via HTTPS. For larger packages, there is the satisfaction guarantee for contracts with a 12 month term. The shared hosting packages are hosted in Cologne.

WordPress hosting at Raid Boxes

Raid Boxes (affiliate link) offers its smallest rate of 9 euros per month, with the first 14 days are always free and without obligation. It includes two gigabytes of storage on an SSD for a WordPress website – there are accessing the web space via SFTP. From the starter pack for monthly 15 euro the site located on its own vServer with its own CPU core. SSL there are only from the starter package from 50 euros per year.

The makers of Raid Boxes also offer a free moving services for existing installations. Server location is Germany.

WordPress hosting at Timme Hosting

Timme Hosting uses nginx as a web server. The günstigeste package costs 19.95 euros and offers five gigabytes SSD hard drive and e-mail storage. There is also a domain and five Cron Jobs. For a better performance the preinstalled Pagespeed module of Google makes, and HTTP / 2 is supported. Instead of the standard compiler for PHP performant version HHVM is used. You can access to your webspace via SFTP or SSH, SSL certificates are available from 29 Euro per year.

All packages are designed to operate a single site, the offer can be tried for free with a test site for 14 days. The data center of Timme Hosting server is located in Germany.

WordPress hosting at Savvii

as the smallest package “Starter” for 11 euros per month to Savvii offers. There are 250 megabytes of storage and 3,500 page views per month – who wants to operate a larger site, so it should look at least the second package for 29 euros per month, with 10 gigabytes and 125,000 page views. When caching Varnish is used, SFTP is in all packages here. However, SSL certificates can be used only from the second smallest package.

For the first 30 days, there is a money back guarantee. The Shared Packages are hosted in London, the VPS packages in Frankfurt.

WordPress hosting at Media Temple

Fast, reliable and easy to manage: How Media Temple advertises its WordPress hosting. (Graphics: Media Temple) Fast, reliable and easy to manage: How Media Temple advertises its WordPress hosting. (Graphics: Media Temple)

Media Temple is also focusing its WordPress hosting on fast SSD drives. From 20 US dollars per month, there are 30 gigabytes of storage for up to two sites. Here even the smallest plan include: SSH and SFTP access. Among other things, a Git integration is on offer, as well as the simple copy of a site for testing purposes, here Media Temple is aimed more at users who want to develop. SSL certificates cost from 75 US dollars per year.

Media Temple also offers some exclusive themes that can use her as a customer. Server are on the East and West Coast of the USA.

WordPress hosting at WP Engine

The günstigeste plan at WP Engine costs 29 US dollars per month. For this you will receive ten gigabytes of disk space, 25,000 visits per month and an installation of WordPress. Included in all plans is the possibility of staging – you can your page so simply duplicate for testing purposes. As server location can be selected in addition to the United States or United Kingdom and Japan. However, the small package does not support multi-site installation.

In addition to the US data center WP Engine offers as a location yet London and Tokyo.

WordPress hosting at Dreamhost

Dreamhost is good web hosting for WordPress site. Dreamhost (affiliate link) offers Dream Press a WordPress hosting package that does not have fixed resources, but adapts flexibly. The whole there are currently for $ 19.95 per month, usually for 24.95. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited databases et cetera (for more information about when this is “unlimited” not unlimited, there is on the website). Server locations there is probably only in the US.

WordPress hosting at Bluehost

The cheapest package at Bluehost (affiliate link) costs during the first month 12.49 US dollars, then 24.99 with 30 days money back guarantee. It includes 30 gigabytes of storage space, as much space for backups and 2 gigabytes of RAM. SSL certificates can only install from the third smallest plan.

According to web host site, Bluehost bring Wordpress since 2005 closely to create an optimal WordPress hosting environment. Server location is Provo, Utah.

WordPress hosting at Digital Ocean

Great web hoster : Digital Ocean completely uses SSDs. Digital Ocean completely uses SSDs.

Also Digital Ocean is rather aimed at the professional user. The cheapest plan costs five dollars per month or 0,007 per hour. There is a CPU core with 512 megabytes and 20 gigabytes of hard drive space on an SSD. The use of free Let’s-Encrypt certificates is possible.

Digital Ocean as the server location, among other Frankfurt offers, next example yet Amsterdam, Singapore and New York City.

WordPress hosting at 1 & 1

Among the great mass hosters, there are also special WordPress hosting packages – so even at 1 & 1 (affiliate link). Referred is here among other things with the latest WordPress version, in addition to the pure WordPress installation also 1 & 1’s own tools are installed – like a “1 & 1 WP Wizard”, recommended plugins and themes can be installed with the depending side type – for someone who does not want big deal with the search for suitable plugins, perhaps the right thing for advanced users rather useless ballast.

The smallest package for a website with 25 gigabytes of memory, a database and an inclusive domain is available for EUR 2.99 per month for a term of 12 months. Meanwhile, there are also in this small package an SFTP access, so that the connection is encrypted to the server. From the basic package there are disk space on an SSD – currently there is an action that the first twelve months with the package costs EUR 0.99, after 6.99 euros. For all packages, a 30-day money-back guarantee applies. 1 & 1 has, among other servers in Frankfurt and Munich.

WordPress Hosting with Flywheel

With Flywheel (affiliate link), there are different types of fares. The best solution is a Pay-Per-Site Plan, which provides a WordPress installation for 15 US dollars per month. Included are five gigabyte hard drive and 5,000 monthly visits. An SSL certificate is available in the two best packages for $ 10 per month, the Professional plan is included.

Flywheel has some special features, such as the bills can be easily forwarded to a customer. Also staging is possible. Server location is New York City and for a small part of San Francisco.

Web Hosting for WordPress Site at SiteGround

Currently it starts in the WordPress hosting packages by SiteGround at 3.95 euros per month plus VAT. For this you get a WordPress installation to 10 gigabyte SSD hard drive, automatic updates of plugins and core and daily backups. In addition, HTTP / 2 is enabled on the server, which is available at locations in Europe, Asia and the USA.

WordPress hosting at Pagely

Pagely advertises confidently with “The Most Scalable WordPress Hosting Platform on the planet”. The “Business” plan is as the least expensive at $ 64 per month and offers ten gigabyte SSD hard drive space for three WordPress installations and 50 gigabytes on a CDN.

Also included are automatic WordPress updates from the core and plugins, automatic backups and SPDY at best plan. When hosting infrastructure Pagely uses the Amazon Web Services. VPS or enterprise customers can select the region in which they are to be hosted, Standard is US East in Virginia.

What should note it in the selection

If you just want to quickly install and get started WordPress for a small side, each of said suppliers may well be appropriate to achieve this goal. If your demands are higher, you should not always take the cheapest package and might prefer to invest a little more.

Attempts to define in advance what is to afford the hosting package for you. Do you want a bit of tinkering and could for a SSH access quite useful for us? Then you should check whether the important commands probably also work with your desired package in the next step. If a provider quite clearly aimed at developers or business users, this could be worth more first glance.

Also on important factors such as the PHP memory limit should be taken when choosing – if that is too low and can not be increased, making it very fast no fun anymore. You should also pay attention to whether the provider communicates with as many parties ye shares hardware or if you even have a bit of hardware guarantees. When is nothing to see at this point, the package may not be the right one for professional claims.

Also the server location should not be disregarded, alone already from speed issues – most vendors offer this product at least to a European site, but not all.

WordPress hosting provider in tabular comparison

For clarity, there are again a small table with some basic information on the individual providers and their special web hosting for WordPress packages.

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