Question About Cloudways Support

Q: What type of support do they offer? I will NOT be asking WordPress how-to questions. The type of support I will probably be inquiring about are server related. My current host (VPS) is giving me canned repossess to questions and charging to upgrade things like MySQL and PHP. I am having issues with time to first byte (copying the site to a new server solves this) and some other issues that point to their servers. Anyways, if someone has experience with CW customer service I would love to hear….. Thanks!

A: A host should not be charging to upgrade those things. I don’t have experience with their support. However, I know in the dashboard you can adjust PHP versions right off the bat and the server is managed. So I believe this would be free stuff. TTFB should be better as well with them if you’re struggling with that now.

Most of my experience has been great – they don’t mind answering stupid question, and when I’ve asked them to change something they have. There have been a few instances where the first level support person hasn’t known something and given me the wrong info though. Generally all good. I keep using them.

I would say that the support is very good, they have helped me with problems that were solved by them changing htaccess for instance. However the support through mail tickets is much better than through chat.

I’ve never understood people’s love of chat. I agree the gratification is more immediate. you can say, “I’m talking to them now.” but a good team (which it may or may not be) will deal with a support ticket better. “roger, who specializes in e-mail servers, will take a look at these logs at 8am.”

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