You Need to Know Where is Website Hosted

Hosting website, this is already sounds familiar. You need to know where is website hosted – Can not in any place, but in the right place. Lets we see various web hosting.

Understanding Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that is used to store data of a website. Web hosting allows us or any other person can access the data from our web site. This will facilitate the computer user in order to exchange information and data. The users can simply use the internet service to get connected and accessing our web site.

where is a website hosted

where is a website hosted

Now so a lot of the internet hosting leasing services, even some particular company offers a million excess in their hosting packages. The company also racing – race in offering their hosting. With cheaper prices even  bonus or hosting provided free of charge.

Web Hosting Types

Before you hire a hosting in internet, you have to know the kind of hosting. Here are the types of hosting;

1. Free Hosting

where is website hosted

where is website hosted

Free Hosting is a web hosting service that is provided free of charge. You are only required to register themselves by filling the biodata yourself and your email. Next, you will get a reply email confirming that you are a member and have access to the web hosting. In Free Hostign usually the company will provide the capacity limits of our services so that we are advised to upgrade to the premium hosting.

2. Shared Hosting

what is a host website

what is a host website

Shared Hosting is paid web hosting services offered by web hosting services company. The advantages of this type of web hosting is a very cheap price. Users typically asked to choose a hosting package that will be rented for example with a capacity of 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB and so on.

Basically, a web hosting service provider will provide a server and resources used such as hard drives and memory. Then the server will be shared by several users even decades. Most web hosting services existing web hosting companies provide this type of service, because they are relatively cheaper. But if you have a web site with many visitors that crowded and it is advisable to use the services of other web sites.

3. Reseller Hosting


Reseller hosting is a service provided by the web hosting company to the members to be able to invite friends to join their web hosting. Web Hosting this type usually called the realtor of web hosting.

The company will give a commission to someone who can invite friends or others to join and sign up on the company’s web hosting services. Web hosting is very suitable for people in the business of providing web hosting but do not have the capital to establish their own web hosting services company.

4. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

hosting a website

hosting a website

VPS is a service that allows us to rent a whole server. so that we can manage our liking. Hosting this type has the advantage that we can have at the root of action, the selection of operating systems in use, the installation of the application itself that can be used for multiple Web sites at once.

The VPS provider will usually provide bandwidth limit, memory and hard drive capacity. These types of web hosting services are suitable for medium-scale web site.

5. Dedicated Hosting

ecommerce website hosting

ecommerce website hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a web hosting service that allows subscribers to rent a server to the service provider. The advantages of this intellectually is sever and customers can use existing resources in accordance with their own accord as if the customer has the server.

Usually, the service provider will provide the server to the customer so that the customer can use the server according to their kebutukan.

6. Colocation Hosting

website hosting packages

website hosting packages

Colocation Hosting is a web hosting service is the most expensive. Because here n service provider company only provides the place and the only means of support. While customers will provide their own server to operate.

This type of web hosting service is perfect for large companies that have a very high traffic.

So, if you have a question where is website hosted? a website will match the needs, such as capacity and performance with the right budget.

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