Highlights: Web Hosting Speed Infographics


400 ms delay would lead to a 0.44% decline in search volumes on Google. In figures, this means roughly 6 million search queries and 137 million dollar sales for a single day.


In its Gospel of Speed, Google claims the following: “When the time of performing a service is shortened, customer satisfaction increases and if customers are happier, they click and buy more.

You should reduce the server’s response time below 200 ms. There are dozens of possible factors that increase this time: slow application logic, slow database queries, slow routing, frameworks, libraries, resources CPU hungry, or memory hunger. You must consider all of these factors to improve the server’s response time.

Customer satisfaction and loading speed are interrelated. 4 of 5 Internet users will be able to click away if charging a video abruptly stops or interrupts. 2 of 5 will leave a web page when it is charging for more than 3 seconds. 4 out of 5 users would leave a mobile page that needs more than 5 seconds to recharge.


The conversion rate is also essential. Each one-second delay results in a direct loss. The conversion rate is 7% for the second delay. 79% of Internet buyers who are not satisfied with the website performance would rather not buy from the same web site. Users would visit competitor’s website if it is faster than 250 milliseconds.

The loading speed of the first cutting edge (TTFB) is correlated to the search ranking. TTFB is not only easier to calculate but which is a reasonable metric to measure the performance of an entire page. The time of the first byte is influenced by three factors:

The network latency between a visitor and the server.
How strong is the web server?
How fast can the website backend produce the content?
The location of your Web host data center is important


In the infographics, one can see the test results of servers in different parts of the world (Amsterdam and Singapore) from two data centers of the same hosting company with Ping. The ping values of Europe’s servers compared to this from Singapore are 20 times higher and the ping results of Europe compared to those of the US (the west coast) are about 15 times higher. If your visitors come from Germany, you need a German-speaking hosting. Here you can read our reviews of the best hosting companies in the German market.

case studies

If Obama, the page load time has shrunk from 5 seconds to 2 seconds has to an increase in donation conversion with 14%.

Walmart – initial assessment shows that the charging of a site of a randomly selected article at 5% of the slowest traveler takes about 24 seconds. Every second improvement in charging time produces an increase of 2% in conversions. Every 100 ms improvement resulted in an increase in sales of up to 1%.

Shopzilla accelerated the average charging time of 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and increased sales by 12% and page views by 25%.

Amazon sales increased by 1% per 100 ms improving Ladegeschwiendigkeit (like Walmart).

Yahoo increased traffic by 9% per 400 ms improvement.

Mozilla has 60 million more Firefox downloads per year by the websites charge 2.2 seconds faster.

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