Features in Managed Hosting provider specifically for WordPress

If you have a question, what features shall I look out for when choosing a Managed Hosting provider specifically for WordPress?

My definition of ‘managed’ is being your technology partner so that you ‘never’ have to worry about anything other than using WordPress. If you still need day-to-day access to cPanel (which I don’t even use on any of my servers), domain and DNS management, email server settings and configuration. Or if you need to worry about backups, image, speed and performance optimization, scores on speed and performance tests etc., then I’m not doing a good job at providing you a managed service. If I’m doing my job well, you’ll just be focusing on creating and publishing your content, uploading your products, and running your business. That’s fully managed; anything else is half-baked management.

Technically speaking, any cpanel server already has a staging environment.

Well, every box does with git, but some hosts offer a 1-click stage which is useful, and really important. If you must have 1 click, you can use infinitewp but beyond that, I prefer the ol subdomain and separate db, and then use duplicator or something like that to promote it into production. Duplicator is a nifty plugin that lets you move, migrate, clone a WordPress install. Super easy to use.

Most any host will work; nothing in particular you can look for, unless it is a priority to you. ig Performance, Security, Support…

Here’s my suggestion, email, call, message them with what you typically want under your own definition of “managed” and see if they do it, if not, then its not the “management” that you need, features you are looking for on a generic question like may not really apply to you, yes, great in general, but only you know what you need.

This, the term management has a very wide interpretation. I have seen managed services allow outdated versions of PHP which I cannot in anyway understand would be considered managed. Its more of a “buzz word” for shitty hosts to try and convince gullible users that they are the dogs.

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