Tutorial External HDD Partition

To manage files more neat and orderly, users can take advantage of the hard drive is already partitioned. By partitioning the hard drive, users can also share the priority drives ranging from system and personal files. There are two ways to create a disk partition, the first to take advantage of features in Windows and secondly, using third party applications.

By using the facilities provided by Windows, users can access through the Control Panel Computer Management. Select Storage and Disk Management. After that, select one drive, right click and select Shrink Volume. Then wait until it says “Querying Shrink Space” with Shrink window.

Next, the user can write the desired size of the partition capacity. When you’re done, click Shrink. If successful, then right-click on the newly created partition, and then select New Simple Volume, and click Next. Follow up to the finish, now you’re done partitioned hard drive. Take advantage of Software Users can use software to create a disk partition.

Generally, application or software is easily available on the website for free. Several free applications such as Software Easeus Partition Master, Partition Manager and MiniTool Partition Wizard. These applications can be used to create partitions with ease.

For example in Easeus Partition Master, once the user running the application, then to ‘Go to main screen’. Users can view all drives on PCs as well as an external hard drive. Then, specify the amount of capacity on each partition you want to create, fill in all the necessary data carefully. If so, right click on the partition and then select “Create Partition”.

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