Tips fixing the MacBook bad performance with CleanMyMac

Information on how to speed up the performance of a slow MacBook using the CleanMyMac app. Do not leave your Mac full of garbage, clean up immediately with CleanMyMac this application is widely used by Mac users to clean the Mac when Memory is almost full or to throw trash ( Junk Files ) on Mac and this application is suitable if your Mac feels slow speed, If you have not installed on your Mac, try installing the application and follow these steps.

Before doing scan cleaning with CleanMyMac, configure first

Before doing Scanning I suggest configuring the settings on CleanMyMac first, why? Because in the old Scanning File & large file size into the Scanning and later will be deleted while Cleaning, and may be important data you can go missing erased by the application CleanMyMac. Therefore the importance of doing the configuration first.

Some General Settings on CleanMyMac:

Animations: If your Mac is not smooth while running or isScanninginCleanMyMac, you can tick “Disable for Better Performance” because by disabling animation while Scanning can get good performance on your Mac.

Smart Cleanup settings on CleanMyMac

Once you have set General settings in CleanMyMac it’s time you set the settings on Smart Cleanup, you can uncheck if you do not want to scan certain parts, and I strongly recommend not to check ” Large & Old Files” because your important data can be Deleted while CleaningUp.

System Junk

If you checked System Junk on Smart Cleanup then CleanMyMac will remove the trash on the system on your Mac.

IPhoto Junk

If you Checked iPhoto Junk on Smart Cleanup then CleanMyMac will remove the junk contained in your iPhoto app program.

Mail Attachments

Works to remove junk in the Mail application program on your Mac.

ITunes Junk

If you checked iTunes on Smart Cleanup then CleanMyMac will remove the trash on iTunes on your Mac, keep in mind, if you check iTunes on Smart Cleanup, it can erase your iOS Devices and iOS Update Software Backup on your iTunes.

Trash Bins

Its function is to remove trash on Trash Mac.

Large & Old Files

Its function is to delete old data and large data on your Mac!

If It Is Setting Up Settings on CleanMyMac, Enable CleanMyMac Menu Features

If you have enabled CleanMyMac Menu in Menu Bar will show Menu Bar CleanMyMac like this if you turn on Mac, because this is “Start at Login”.

And Now, Time to Clean Your MacBook from Trash.

If you have done the above command, it’s time to Scan your MacBook, it’s long enough so you can relax while waiting for the completion of Scanning. If it is finished scanning then CleanMyMac will show that there is garbage on your Mac, and must be in Cleanup. Then do a Cleanup.

In addition to Cleanup, CleanMyMac There are also Tools to Fix Your Mac System, That is Utilities Section

1. Uninstaller

In addition to functioning as a cleanser of garbage, CleanMyMac can also be used to Uninstall Application Programs in Mac tablets and can remove more than 1 application program simultaneously, in addition to the removal of applications using CleanMyMac very detailed, so it does not leave a bit of data left behind, and In addition to application deletion can be used to reset the application to be like our initial Installs the program

2. Maintenance

In addition to Uninstaller there is also a Maintenance function on CleanMyMac, which works for your MenTuneUp Mac, with TuneUp mac, can speed up your Mac performance, in running this feature you can do at least once a day or once a month. For warning, if Mac you dual boot using BootCamp it is not advised to check ” Verify StartupDisk” because it can cause ScanDisk in the partition other than your Mac (for example Scandisk prolonged in OS Windows )

3. Privacy

Privacy in CleanMyMac, if you are lazy to delete such as History, Chache or Cookies you can delete via CleanMyMac safely and easily of course

4. Extensions

Features Extensions on CleanMyMac, This feature works to enable and disable Plugins installed on your Mac, and you can also delete the Plugins easily and safely.

5. Shredder

Function Shredder serves to erase the data permanently, and the data that have been deleted using this function can not be in Recovery (Undelete) back.

Install Also Applications from MacPaw For Your MacBook Stay Clean!

In addition to CleanMyMac programs created by MacPaw developers, there are also other cleaning programs that are as follows.


Works to Remove duplicate apps on your Mac


Functions the same Like CleanMyMac, but this application is only for the special to clean Removable Media devices such as FlashDisk & External Harddisk

Hider 2: Application that serves to secure your Mac!


CleanMyMac application comes from a development called MacPaw that works to clean your Mac of inherent garbage, and keeps your Mac clean without leaving trash or junk files, CleanMyMac app really make us satisfied In deleting files and Tuneup the Mac, you can try!

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