How to Resize a Partition Disk that Can’t be Changed

We know that the hard drive on your computer or laptop will be very easy to manage if the hard drive was partitioned. Definition of partition hard drive disk is divided into several sections. It mean divide virtually (more easily divided unreal) and split hardisk not by cutting it but split virtually through the computer or laptop.

Usually at the time of purchase of an existing laptop operating system, perhaps from the seller already partitioned the hard drive and generally in a partition into two parts, namely drive c and drive d. But there is also partitioned the hard disk itself due to some reasons like buying a computer or laptop with DOS or do not have the operating system, reinstall the operating system and others.

But perhaps there is the c drive or partition operating system is almost full, but want to install the application or add other files. Obviously it can not be due to the capacity of the c drive or partition from the operating system (or other partition) is low, so it can not be added to any file and if the capacity of the operating system partition or other partitions you want to add there may be tried through the “Disk Management” but the results on c drive capacity can not in Extend (added).

The cause of the failure or can not add capacity on drive C is because we use the program “Disk Management” yag is inherited from the windows and at the time of the Extend the volume of the Windows operating system that exist in the c drive active so it can not increase the volume or capacity on drive c ,

But now there is a way to be able to resize hard disk partitions (increase or decrease the size of a disk partition) that can not be partitioned using third-party applications, and in this article, I will give you the application and how to resize a disk partition using the application. Immediately, consider the tips to resize disk partition that can not be changed under ya. But the author is not liable yes if there is an error or damage caused by using these tips. So do with your own risk!

The first step is that you have to download the application AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition to resize disk partition. Please download the application below:

AOMEI Download Partition Assistant (application resize hard disk partitions) link:

The second step AOMEI please install Partition Assistant Standard Edition beforehand (application had been downloaded).

The third step is to open the application AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition. Once the app is open, then follow the steps below:

On measures to change the size or the size of a disk partition below me just give you a way to enlarge the size or the size of a disk partition using the application AOMEI so if you want to try another feature of this apliaksi can be, but is not recommended for those who can not English language passive because it could have important files on your hard drive will be erased accidentally.

Go see how to add a disk partition size that can not extend below:
In this first step we need to free up unused to partition hardisk (free space).
Click on the partition that will change size.
Right-click on the partition and click “Resize Partition”
After that will appear a new look. See the image below for more details.

To enlarge the size of a disk partition simply by sliding the arrow, to the right, while to decrease the size of the disk partition scroll arrow, to the left.

After resizing the partition and then click “ok”.
The new display will appear again. and click the ‘process’

Then click “yes” to start

And the process will run, wait for it to complete and click “ok”

The last step is to restart your computer or laptop.

Thus tips to resize a disk partition specifically to increase the size or size that can not changed. Hopefully this article helpful tips for your computer.

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