Remove Shortcut Virus on Laptop

I will discuss about how to remove shorcut virus using cmd.

Before that, we will discuss about virus shortcut.

Shorcut virus is a virus that attacks on the flash, and it makes our files or folders into shorcut. Surely this is very disturbing. And this virus attacks when the flash is plugged into the computer affected by this virus, other than that the virus is ink extension.

So when we plug the flash to the computer, then directly the files and folders into shorcut. But you do not need to panic, because I will share about the tutorial to remove shorcut virus with cmd or command prompt.

Well, for the ways you can follow the tutorial below:

How to remove shorcut virus on windows using cmd:

Open cmd or command prompt. There are several ways to open cmd, among others, by pressing the windows + R button together or you can find cmd by searching it, press windows and search cmd.

Next after the cmd is open, you type f:, depending on the location of the flash in your drive.

And last step is type attrib -s -h -r -a *. * /s /s then enter.

Wait a few seconds and you flash back to normal.

This way can be used on windows 7,8,8.1, and 10

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