The Quickest Way to Reset Windows 10 Fresh Installation

The computer is inseparable from the problem. Such as Windows that error, or exposed to viruses and others. If the damage or error on the software has been very severe, ordinary people decide to reinstall the OS.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you do not have to reinstall the OS. There is an easier and quickest way to reset windows 10. Do you want to know how to reset it?

How to Reset Windows 10 Easily

Although the name is different, but the function of reset Windows is the same as re-install. Everything will come back as Windows just reinstalled. The difference is, this way is easy just a few steps.

So, do this way you don’t need to re-install.

Steps to Reset Windows 10

Step 1

Click “Windows Logo”, then click “Settings” or gear icon.

Step 2

Click “Update & Security”.

Step 3

Click “Recovery”, click “Get Started”.

Step 4

There will be three options later, you are free to choose anywhere as needed.

Here are some options.

“Keep My Files” option, if you want your personal data to be kept.

The “Remove Everything” option, on this option your hard disk will be formatted cleanly so that there is no data left except the Windows operating system.

“Restore Factory Setting” option, this option is available only on factory or OEM packaged computer. Function, to restore the position of the setting to the beginning as new from the factory.

Step 5

Continue with the click “Next” and “Next”.

Step 6

Finally click “Reset”.

Then you just need to wait for the reset or reinstall it.

The final word

This is a very useful Windows 10 feature. So if your computer is not helped anymore, just do this reset Windows 10.

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