Obtain Elevation and Altitude Data on Google Maps

Google Maps knows every point on earth. But if you want to know the altitude reading this, you do the following trick to display in Google Maps also the altitude. Extra tip: You can also view Google Maps without the altitude on a map but.

Who uses Google Maps for route planning, a high profile for its route may be masquerading since the mid, 2014. This height profile with altitude shows Google but only when you select a transport bike. For all other transportation (car, train, plane) and locomotion (walking) will not appear the height profile. Not showing the height profile even when the transport mode bicycle, then no appreciable differences in height on the calculated route to overcome.

To hide an elevation profile

Place on Google Maps fixed starting point and end point of a route. Then click on the bicycle icon (fourth icon from the left). Already you can see the left of the map and below the route description, the height profile with the altitude. Including specifying how many vertical meters you have to pitch high trample and how many vertical meters again goes down easily.

To determine the amount of a specific point
What a particular point on your route or in general on the map, find out only via a detour. Are you anyway just to https://maps.google.com , then you can right-click on this point and “What’s here?” Select (second menu item from the top). Google then shows you information about the site, including the latitude and longitude. This information on latitude and longitude, select with the left mouse button and copy it with Ctrl + C. Then they add these values on the page www.mapcoordinates.net into the upper box and press Enter. Already you can see on the map where there is the required position and how many vertical meters, this above sea level.

Mapcoordinates.com shows altitude directly on the map
Alternatively, you can also directly on www.mapcoordinates.net start and look in the box to the desired location for his name. However, the place name input course, works only with specifically designated places for a x-arbitrary point on the map far the village click instead with the left mouse button in the map. Then displays the page latitude, longitude and altitude.

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