New Shortcuts Windows 10

Microsoft has with Windows 10 whole new shortcuts introduced the work with the new operating system easier. How useful are these shortcuts, everyone will notice the 10 operated restarted Windows. Because Microsoft has revised its surface partly. We show which facilitate Shortcuts your Windows 10-like.

The new Information Center in Windows 10

New in Windows 10 is not only the virtual desktops but also the Notification Center, named Information Center. This bar, which always opens the length to the right of the screen, Microsoft has combined critical system and software notifications. Here one finds, for example, system messages, as well as incoming e-mails and a switch for the general Windows settings.

Windows 10 hotkeys

Instead of clicking through menus or buttons, you can accomplish many tasks and functions via shortcuts. The main shortcuts we have put together in the following table.

Shortcut function

Windows key Windows key + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktops
Windows key Windows key + Ctrl + Left / Right arrow Exchange of virtual desktops
Windows key Windows key + Ctrl + F4 Close the currently open virtual desktops
Windows key Windows key + tab Calling Task View (Task View then remains open)
Alt + Tab Hold = Open Task View, Releasing = Substituted App
Windows key Windows key + One of the four arrow keys The current window is “gesnapt” to one of the four quadrants on the desktop
Windows key Windows key + I Opens the Settings
Windows key Windows key + A The new information center works on the right side of the screen
Windows key Windows key + S Search box is activated and the cursor placed in the field
Windows key Windows key + Q Enables search about Cortana and by voice
Windows key Windows key + H Share content (if supported by the active app / application)
Windows key Windows key + X Opens the Admin menu in the lower left corner of the screen

Windows 10 Installation

Upgrading via the Internet on the new operating system is 8.1 a year free of charge for users of Windows 7 and Windows. An overview of the new features we have put together here as a photo show .

Before installing the upgrade, be sure to back up your old Windows and personal data

Originally posted 2016-11-02 15:49:10.

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