Make Bootable Using Rufus

This time I will discuss about how to make bootable using rufus.

Before that, we will discuss a bit about bootable.

Bootable is an external storage such as flash, cd or and so forth which contains an operating system both windows and Linux, which will be loaded when the computer is turned on, more precisely when booting.

In this tutorial I using one bootable application that is Rufus, why I choose Rufus as a tool to make bootable?

Because I think rufus has many advantages, among others:

  • Has a small size so light when on the run
  • Rufus is easy to understand user-friendly
  • This app is freeware or free.

For Rufus view can see below:

rufus bootable

I use the old version of version 2.8

To make bootable you need to: Download the Rufus app

Once downloaded, we proceed to the steps
Prepare a flash that is still empty, if in the pendrive there is data moved first because this process will delete all data.

  • Plug the flash into the computer
  • Open the rufus app that has been downloaded earlier
    Automatically label device shows your flash
  • Then click the cassette icon, then select the operating system that will be made bootable
  • Then select start
  • If there is a warning click yes
    It’s easy to turn out how to make bootable using rufus.

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