Most Important Things about Defragment

Defragment, derived from the word “fragment” which means fractional or part, “defragment” may be “reduced fragment”. Why fragment or the Indonesian public is called fragmentation should be reduced? Earlier we discussed the first glimpse of the fragmentation.

Fragmentation occurs when the file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, etc.) used by the operating system can not allocate enough free space to store files in a single fragment.

The fragment is not the same as the partition (division size of the hard disk drive), even though we save the file on the same partition (eg we store on a partition), but the files are not necessarily stored in the same fragmentation.

Examples Let us assume that the partition as a room or space, and in the room there are many closet or locker, call it a locker that each measuring 50cm x 50cm and the items to be stored in the lockers are measuring 100cm x 100cm, of course, we will divide goods into two parts and store them into two different lockers with expensive (one) lies adjacent locker.

Why should it be made fragmentation? That question will be relevant to why there should be a locker in the room? Imagine in one room is empty you keep a lot of borderless (cabinets, boxes, lockers, drawers, shelves, etc.), it may be very easy when you save the item, but when you look for is not necessarily as easy as that, I mean the stuff you’re looking for may be items that are small and tucked among many other items, need a relatively long time to find the items just because you have to “tear apart” other items that do not match what you’re looking for, it will be faster if the items in the room neatly in cabinets, cardboard boxes, lockers, drawers, shelves, etc., agree?

Likewise with the hard disk drive, when a file is needed, the process of searching or reading data is the hard disk drive will be faster with fragmentation, such as a file size of 100 MB is divided into fragments measuring 10 mb. During searches of course hard disk drive will only search or read the disk with a size of 10 mb per-reading process, will be faster than the direct reading of 100 mb per-reading process.

When a file is searched is found in one fragment, then the file system will make sure the files are intact or not, if not then the file system will search for another file fragments on a different fragment until the desired file is found intact.

Why did Defragment need?

Defragment is the opposite of the fragment, defragment fragment can mean the removal process. Imagine a room there are 10 lockers are lined up, we keep one shoe left in the locker numbered 1, while lockers 2 to lockers 9 filled with other goods, only lockers 10 are empty, so we save the right shoes (pairs of shoes are stored in a locker number 1 ). In the locker number 10, will be very troublesome when we need these shoes and found the locker first, but just next door (left side only) and then we look for in a locker number 2 to number 10 and find the right shoes in locker the time we certainly will be taken to looking in locker number 2 to locker number 9.

Likewise with the hard disk drive, when a file is stored in a separate fragment and the fragment lies between far apart, then the reading process will take a relatively long time. Therefore defragment is required.

Defragment the most important functions

We take a look back in the case of shoes above, left shoe kept in the locker number 1 and the right shoes kept in the locker number 10, for a reason goods in locker number 2 discarded (deleted), to facilitate the search (shoe), then we move right shoes that are in lockers number 10 to number 2, so when we need these shoes we will get the shoes left in the locker number 1 and the right shoes in a locker number 2 (right in locker next to / beside), it will speed up the search time.

Similarly, the hard disk drive, defragment will be very useful for:

Speeding up the process of finding files
This occurs because the file is parsed and stored into several fragments, moved / rearranged so that the fragment used for the file becomes contiguous.

The efficiency of hard disk drive space

If we re-assume the fragment as lockers, defragment will create an empty locker among other lockers will be filled by moving the contents of the other lockers. Likewise hard disk drives in defrag (short for defragment or defragmentation), files in it will be rearranged so that a hollow space between fragments that are not empty are reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Check for damaged sectors on the hard disk drive

Ever heard the term BAD SECTOR on the hard disk drive? Generally, the hard disk drive has bad sectors that can not work with optimal (depending on the level of damage), it means there are bad sectors on the hard disk drive sector is damaged, assume only the damaged sector as lockers were broken.

The results of the analysis of the partition displays the following colors:

Red: File need defrag (unstructured).
Blue: Files that do not need defrag (already arranged).
Green: The file can not be moved.
White: The empty space.

Defrag process should be routinely done when you do a lot of file changes or if you are using a computer with a “flying hours” strict. You can take advantage of free time to do the defrag at least a month or two months.

How to defragment the Windows 7 operating system:

  • First, click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter.
  • Disk Defragmenter Once the app is open, you can see the hard disk partition that will be in the “analysis” (checked whether the need to defrag the partition or not)
  • Click “Analyze Disk” to analyze the partition.
  • Once the analysis process is complete, you can choose which partition that you want to defrag by clicking the “Defragment Disk” to start the defrag your hard disk partitions.

Application defragmenter default in Windows 7 supports multi-defrag, which means you can do a defrag on more than partitions simultaneously, actually we can defrag more than one partition simultaneously on Windows XP but the application defragmenter used must be third party applications, not defragmenter application of the default windows XP)

For the operating system Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 appears to defragment process similar to the process defragment in Windows 7. You can also use other software to defragment, but I recommend the use of software built Windows operating system (to be safe)

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