Four Ways to Minimize Cyber Attack

Organizations and individuals need to ensure that they have a solid, clean and strong cyber security plan, to better protect their digital environment, and to detect threats and respond to attacks. As the threat landscape continues to evolve and thrive.

Here are four best practices that individuals and organizations can take into account to minimize their cyber risks and stay afloat in the ever-changing threat landscape, as released by Microsoft Asia Pacific:

1. Do not work in public Wi-Fi hotspots where attackers can “peek” digital communications, capture login details and passwords, and access personal data.

2. Regularly update the operating system and other software programs to ensure the latest patch has been installed. This can reduce the risk of exploitation of the vulnerability.

3. Reduce the risk of compromising credentials by educating users about why they should avoid simple keywords and implement multi-factor authentication methods, such as one from Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

4. Implement security policies that control access to sensitive data and restrict corporate network access to appropriate users, locations, devices, and operating systems. This policy can automatically block users without proper authorization or offer suggestions that include password reset and multi-factor authentication enforcement.

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