Symantec: Malware Attacks Starting to Lead to Email

WannaCry ransomware malware attacks in 2017 can be considered the most phenomenal. How not, a number of agencies, both private companies and governments around the world feel the adverse effects of malware attacks a few months ago, even no exception in Indonesia. Symantec as a provider of security solutions has a fairly interesting report about the development of cyber attacks in recent years.

In its annual Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) report, Symantec has a number of reports of hacker attacks that are beginning to change the course of its attacks, even in the foreseeable future is very likely to occur. Matthias Yeo, CTO of Symantec for APAC, stated that the attack by hackers is now more directed to email. Previously the hackers are very diligent to attack on a number of websites owned by companies or governments and agencies that he considered an important role.

But in the last year or so hacker attacks on the website has begun to decrease because the security system on the website has begun to increase strongly. “The flow of attacks was constantly changing and the highest potential hacker attack is still a financial company. Target targeted hackers are still in the same pattern that is by taking a variety of important data that was successfully stolen and held hostage so that later can be redeemed with some money “, said Matthias.

Several other facts found by Symantec about the development of cyber attacks in Indonesia among 1 of 156 emails in Indonesia have saved malware attacks and more than 40 thousand ransomware attacks detected by Symantec every month. In addition, during the first six months of this year, the company accounted for 42 percent of total ransomware attacks, up 30 percent from 2016. Increased attacks are caused by malware types Ransomware WannaCry and Petya.

Symantec provides some of the best ways to prevent cyber attacks, by doing good hygiene and cyber practice consistently. Also, give users insight to stay alert to malicious activity such as emails whose sources are unknown or highly suspicious. And the most important thing is to have an integrated cyber security system in an area where data is shared among individuals, departments and even companies.

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