Nvidia GeForce MX 150: Small Pascal for notebook

Nvidia has revealed some details about the new notebook VGA GeForce MX 150. Three times as much power per watt as its predecessor.

A bit surprisingly, the Nvidia-VGA GeForce MX 150 appeared in an HP notebook at the beginning of the week. Now, Nvidia has revealed first details about the Pascal VGA for notebooks. The GeForce MX 150 is supposed to offer three times as much power per watt as the GeForce 940MX based on Maxwell. According to Nvidia, the actual computing power increases by about 30 percent. Nvidia did not make any details about the installed GPU, but it is probably the GP108 GPU with 384 shaders, which is also used in the new GeForce GT 1030.

No further information is available regarding the clock rates and the maximum memory expansion. In the HP Envy, the GeForce MX 150 supports two gigabytes of GDDR5-Ram.

It is also unclear how it looks with support for highlights (formerly ShadowPlay) and G-Sync. In the GeForce GT 1030, Nvidia did not support these additional features.

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