NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 New Single Processor Configuration

NVIDIA now has a new single-processor configurations: NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, AI computing platform for AutoCruise function. Who already can’t wait to try the performance of this processor in a self-driving car?


The AI computer for self-driving cars

With NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, an open AI computing platform for vehicles, automobile manufacturers and their direct suppliers to accelerate the production of automated and autonomous vehicles. The scalability of the platform ranges from a palm-sized, energy-efficient module for cruise control functions to a powerful AI supercomputer that enables autonomous driving.

The new single-processor configuration of the DRIVE PX 2 for cruise control functions, including automated driving on motorways and HD cartography, consumes only 10 watts. Vehicles can thus use Deep Neural Networks for processing data from various cameras and sensors.

DRIVE PX 2 is able to recognize what is happening around the vehicle in real time to determine their own location on a HD Card accurately and to plan the infrastructure safe. It is the world’s most advanced platform for self-propelled cars, combining deep learning , sensor fusion and all-round visibility, enabling a new driving experience.

The scalable architecture enables configurations ranging from a mobile processor with passive cooling and 10 watts of power to a high-performance scenario with two mobile processors and two discrete GPUs that allows 24 trillion Deep-learning operations per second. For fully autonomous driving several DRIVE PX 2 platforms can also be used in parallel.



Deep Learning forms the basis for AI platforms from NVIDIA. Thanks to its unified architecture Deep Neural Networks can be on a train in the data center and then use in vehicles. And with NVIDIA DGX-1 ™ it is possible to shorten the training time of the neural network in the data center of several months to a few days. The result is a neural network that is running in real time on the NVIDIA DRIVE ™ PX. 2



NVIDIA® Drive Works is a software development kit (SDK) with reference applications, tools and library modules. It also includes a runtime pipeline framework in which all aspects of driving are integrated: from the recognition on cartography and localization to path planning and visualization. Thanks to the open architecture of the SDKs automakers, tier suppliers and software developers can even develop applications for autonomous vehicles



NVIDIA provides a technology for seamless cartography for self-propelled cars, the automotive and card manufacturers and startups helps create HD cards quickly and to continually bring up to date. This cutting-edge technology creates extremely detailed maps on the AI supercomputer NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 , the data center with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs is equipped.




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