Not Kaby Lake, AMD Ryzen Processors be the Consumer Favorites

According to the survey results, the latest AMD processors are Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 managed to bring the level of consumer satisfied is very high. Even Ryzen 5 listed as the processor with the highest level of user satisfaction since 2011, when the release of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

A survey conducted by 3DCenter show as much as 83.9 percent of users Ryzen 5 responded positively to the existence of such processors. The figure is the highest since 2011, when it released the Intel Sandy Bridge processor which has a very significant increase in performance over the previous generation. Meanwhile, satisfaction levels Ryzen 7 are directly under Sandy Bridge which amounted to 74.6 percent.

The data show AMD has managed to grab the attention of PC users this year. Because the Intel Kaby Lake had a positive response that is much lower than Ryzen. Survey 3DCenter said Kaby Lake by consumer acceptance of just 12 percent.

Seeing the data, Intel should immediately take steps to maintain its position as the number one PC processor manufacturers.

Here are the survey data from 3DCenter:

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