New Windows Preview Can Connect Android to PC

In mid-May, Microsoft explained its new strategy in the mobile industry. After failing to attract consumers with Windows Phone, Microsoft wants to attract the hearts of iPhone and Android users with various applications made.

Now, Microsoft lets beta testers Windows 10 to try new features on the latest Windows 10 preview version, build 16251. Android users will be able to try the “Microsoft Apps” app that will connect the phone to the PC. According to The Verge report, at this time, the feature can only be used by Android users. It remains unknown when Microsoft will launch similar features for the iPhone.

This application will allow users to take advantage of various features between devices, including the ability to share links from mobile devices directly to Windows 10. This is the first feature that Microsoft created to bring Android and iOS connections to Windows 10.

Going forward, the company from Redmond also wants to create a feature that allows users to move data from their phone directly to a PC, including features to copy content from the universal clipboard.

In addition to the features to connect Windows 10 to the mobile operating system, Microsoft also provides new features on the Cortana. Now, you can see Cortana search results in the menu, without having to open an internet browser.

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