New Windows 10 versions for PCs and Smartphones revealed

Microsoft has released new preview builds of Windows 10 for the Fast Ring: Windows has the number 16199 for PCs and the number 15215 for mobile phones. The different numbering for the two platforms results from OneCore adjustments, which so far only in the PC version Respectively. The first Bug Bash on the way to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is also running until Sunday.

The Mobile Build 152105

Since there is little happening is, we first act from the Mobile build 152 105: When removing the headset, the phone call is to be transferred to the speaker of the smartphone, which had last does not always work, and the data transfer between PCs and Mobile devices should work more reliably, especially with regard to notifications. For apps like Fitbit, power consumption and performance have been improved; this is about pairing, connecting, synchronization, and notifications. Other problems are still open: The WeChat app tends to crash at the start and the 2016 date as the copyright date.

New Features for PC

This time, Microsoft has returned to the social component of Windows 10, namely ” Instead of the sound of the complete computer forward. At the same time, all settings relevant for “Game DVR” were moved under the same entry. Under “Settings”, “System”, “Info” has been added to a new section about the state of the system. Here you can see at a glance how the security settings and the protection of the computer are ordered. Under “Settings”, “System”, “Memory”, “Memory optimization” has been expanded. Here you can now automatically delete downloads that have not been touched for 30 days.

In general, the settings were revised and some points were provided with tips and sample videos. If you have installed the Cortana app for Android, Is now also informed of incoming calls on the Windows PC. You can see the caller, can reject the call or answer a text message.

This again underscores the fact that Microsoft no longer relies on its own smartphone solution, but rather hangs with Cortana on the dominant mobile platforms. Fixed Defect for PCs The “Windows Defender Application Guard” (WDAG) is now also to work on devices with touch controls and the “Windows Defender Security Center” does not report any deactivated drivers as a problem.

Even when using the maximum screen brightness in network operation, no warning is displayed and anti-virus solutions from third-party vendors should no longer block Win32 programs. In the Action Center, the quick access to “Note”, Windows now remembers the status of the rotation lock when upgrading to a new build. The color profiles are no longer ignored after the start of certain games in full-screen mode.

Developers should update Visual Studio 2017 Preview to version 15.3 – 26510.00 or later as there are other problems with the XAML Designer. Open errors for PCs Windows Mixed Reality does not work in this build, and the VIM does not run in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). For UWP apps like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, the login failed because you can not enter a password.

Edge sometimes fails to open PDF files, games like Civilization VI can not be started, and the command line can not be used in the command line.

Occasionally, Windows complains about aborted updates, the cause of this is still unknown.

If Outlook 2016 is stuck at the start, this is probably due to the spam filter.

With Surface 3, the update fails on new builds, as long as an SD card is inserted. New drivers will fix this soon.

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