About Neural Engine: Apple’s Artificial Intelligence Chip

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming an important feature of the smart phone market, which strengthens personalization, virtual assistant, to the lifetime of Quartz loaded battery life.

But artificial intelligence takes a lot of computing power. To that end, companies like Apple and Huaweie add chimp to their mobile phones that handle certain functions.

This chip is complementary to the CPU and GPU that have been installed in the phone, and configured faster for only one purpose of artificial intelligence only and not the other.

They also arranged that artificial intelligence tasks do not siphon batteries too fast. Apple named its artificial intelligence as a Neural Engine located within the A11 Bionic chip, while Huawei was named Kirin 970.

Neural Engine Apple will process tasks such as the FaceID face recognition feature, decipher voice commands for Siri, and image processing.
This is no longer a mere smart phone trend.

Google developed an artificial intelligence chip called the Tensor Processing Unit that will soon be available to users of their cloud services.

Microsoft built a similar technology and installed additional chips in its HoloLens product.

Autumn yesterday, Intel acquired Movidius to create artificial intelligence chips that focus on image processing.

Apple, like Google, has much to bet its future on improving its gaming brilliance. Although they have introduced Siri in 2011, Apple is left behind in the research and development of artificial intelligence.

Apple stressed that what happened was not like that. Recently they added visibility from research and implementation of their artificial intelligence by attracting veteran researchers Ruslan Salakhudinov from Carnegie Mellon.

They also began publishing research journals as well as creating blogs to reach as many audiences as possible.

At the June WWDC programmers’ conference, Apple introduced the Core ML, a framework for creating artificial intelligence algorithms into applications in Apple products.

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