March 2018 Google Drive for PC Will Be Closed

The official Google Drive app is no longer applicable to desktops. Google announced it in a blog post. Support will be discontinued on December 11th and the app will close completely on March 12, 2018.

Users who are still running Drive apps will start seeing notifications in October informing them that Drive “will go away”, and Google will redirect customers to one of two successors depending on whether they are users of consumers or business users.

The Google Drive service will not go anywhere. You can still access it from the web, smartphone apps, and software. Google now has two fairly new software for backing up data and/or accessing files in the cloud.

There are Backup and Sync, a consumer app that includes everything that replaces standalone Google Drive and Google Photo Uploader apps. It offers the same functionality as Drive and works in the same way.

On the business side, Google has launched Drive File Steamer which saves space on your local drive while giving access to “all your Google Drive files on demand, right from your computer.” This is a much more elegant and integrated approach.

“Say goodbye to time-consuming file sync and worries about disk space,” says Google explaining the benefits of Drive File Steamer.

There are some differences between the two applications; they can do one or two things that others can not do. For most people the Backup and Sync option may be suitable, though some users complain about the lack of support for NAS drives, The Verge said.

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