Mac OS Sierra: New Apple Desktop Operating System

Present day, it seems Apple is still the gadget manufacturer with the most prestigious brands. This American multinational company was constantly issued the latest technology products which must by always awaited by their fans.


Based on information from TheInquirer, said that Apple has finally released their latest operating system called MacOS Sierra. Needless to dizziness, MacOS Sierra can be very easily downloaded by users. Just by visiting the Mac App Store, MacBook product users can update their operating system to MacOS Sierra.

But unfortunately, not all owners of Apple products can install MacOS Sierra on their Mac computers. In order to enjoy MacOS Sierra, it turns out there are terms and conditions applicable to devices owned.

To use MacOS Sierra, the Apple products in question must be a MacBook (minimum output of 2009), iMac (minimum output in 2009), MacBook Air (minimum output in 2010), MacBook Pro (minimum output in 2010), Mac mini (minimum output 2010), or Mac Pro (minimum output in 2010). Apple also said that the device user shall have at least a minimum of OS X 10.7.5, 2GB RAM and free storage of 8.8GB.

MacOS Sierra is the first version of Apple’s desktop operating system that can involve Siri, the digital assistant . If users Apple has updated their operating system to MacOS Sierra, will easily they ruled Siri to do several things, among others, is browsing, operate playlist for Apple Music, and even send text messages.

In addition to the features Siri, the benefits of using Sierra MacOS operating system is the user can access the Safari browser which is automatically integrated with Apple Pay payment services. Own products Apple MacOS operating system Sierra can use Apple Pay to make a payment when shopping online using Apple’s browser.

Auto Unlock, too, is another feature that is not less sophisticated that comes with MacOS Sierra. When a user has a MacBook and Apple Watch, they will easily lock device MacOS them just by using the Apple Watch, smartwatch of Apple.

Lastly, MacOS Sierra brings Universal Clipboard, a feature that allows users to her copy and paste files from one mobile device to another different.

Quoted from VentureBeat, Apple said that the name “OS X” is planned to be replaced back with MacOS. In short, MacOS Sierra is a blend of iOS with OS X for Mac product memnuat better.

MacOS Sierra was redesigning applications like iTunes, Messages, and Photos. Even other applications such as Keynote, Maps, Mail, Numbers, Pages and TextEdit has also been refurbished.

Not only that, Sierra MacOS operating system users will be easily able to access the online shop . Thus, with just a few clicks, users can already buy MacOS Sierra, anytime, anywhere. Olshop which can be accessed by using Apple Pay, among others, 1-800-Flowers, Gilt, Instacart, Lululemon, and Warby Parker.

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