Linux: Debian 9 Stretch will be released on June 17th

Debian 9 with the codename Stretch is to appear on 17 June as the next stable version of the Debian project final. It replaces the currently stable Debian 8 Jessie that was released in April 2015.

As Niels Thykier, head of the Debian release team announced yesterday, the release of the stretch currently in the testing repository is planned as the next stable Debian version for the 17th June, exactly three weeks.

The last weeks

To enable this, Thykier clarifies the package managers once more about the process. According to this, release-critical errors (RC bugs), which do not have a solution until June 3, are marked with either stretch-ignore or stretch-will-remove. For former packages, the error is not so serious that it can not be ignored for Debian 9. Packages with the second label whose errors are not fixed in Testing until 9 June will be removed from the release for the release and can be added again later if the error could be solved.

In the week before the release, the testing repository is only available for emergency uploads. Friday, 9.6. 13:00 UTC is the last time for further changes to Stretch. To do this, the uploads have to be a few days before this time to arrive in Testing. Packets that arrive too late can be noted for the first point release in a few months.

Debian 9 Stretch is delivered with the long-running kernel 4.9. Supported by Systemd 232, X.Org Server 1.19.2, Mesa 13.0.6 and GCC 6.3.0. Alongside old acquaintances, Stretch will also include some new forensics tools. This is shared by Michael ” Mika ” Prokop, the project manager of the Debian closely-connected distribution Grml.

If it’s time to publish Debian 9 stable in three weeks, the current testing repository will be stable and a new testing will be started, where Debian 10 will start with the code buster. With Debian 9 Stretch as a new stable, Debian 8 will automatically turn Jessie to Oldstable. Debian Unstable remains unaffected by the changes, it always remains the same, and always bears the Codename Sid, derived from Toy Story character Sid, the child who is fond of tormenting and destroying toys.

Each Debian release is also supplied as an old fix for one year with security fixes. Then the Debian-LTS team will once again provide two years of support. For Jessie, the security updates will be until the end of April 2020.

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