Intel: Kaby-Lake chips, mainboard and Optane storage as a bundle

The Optane memory, presented together with the Kaby-Lake chips, is intended to provide a high performance, but the interest is limited – not least because of the high investment costs.

With the Optane data storage, Intel is focusing on a so-called 3D Xpoint memory technology, which is supposed to achieve significantly higher performance than conventional NAND SSDs. First storage solutions on this basis were already presented in January – together with the Kaby-Lake chips. However, demand is still low, which should not be least due to the associated costs, which are comparatively high. In addition to the processor and memory, a mainboard with a 200-series chipset is also required.

Now the Chiphersteller seems to want to prepare a bundle in order to boost the sales especially with users who assemble their computer in self-government. As a kind of platform, processor, board and memory will be provided in a package. It is still unclear how exactly these packages are to be designed, which seem to come to the dealers in the third quarter. Currently there are about 130 motherboards that support the Optane memory.

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