Intel Core-X: New i9 CPUs with up to 18 cores presented

At Computec, Intel has introduced new CPUs of the Core-X series. The new flagship – the Intel Core i9-7980XE – brings it as Extreme Edition to 18 cores.

The release of AMD Ryzen brought momentum into the CPU market. According to the same consumer chips of the Ryzen-5 and Ryzen-7 series, the provisional highlight followed a few weeks ago with Threadripper. This is a 16-core processor from AMD, which is intended for the professional user market. This is followed by Intel’s response from the Computex trade fair in Taiwan: a total of nine new CPUs of the Core-X series. Pricing starts at $ 242 for the Core i5-7640X and ends at $ 1,999 for the 18 core Core i9-7980XE.

For the four 18, 16, 14 and 12 kernels Core i9-7980XE, -7960X, -7940X and -7920X, there is no information about the clock. At the Computex, Intel first revealed information about the ten-core Core-i9-7900X. It clocks with 3.3 GHz, which with Turbo 2.0 to 4.3 and Turbo 3.0 to 4.5 GHz increase. The new turbomodus is intended to improve single and dual-core performance in suitable applications. However, this is only available in the upper six process types. The consumption is 140 watts and the price is 999 US dollars.

The Intel Core i7-7820X (8 cores, 599 US dollars), -7800X (6 cores, 389 US dollars) and 7740X (4 cores 339 US dollars), which are available with 3.6 (4 , 3 and 4.5), 3.5 (4.0) and 4.3 (4.5) GHz clocks. The consumption is also 140 watts each, except for the four-seater i7-7740X (the only one without hyperthreading, for 242 US dollars), which is to consume 112 watts. This consumption is also offered by the Core i5-7640X, which clocks at 4 (4.2) GHz.

Compared to its predecessors, Intel promises 10 percent better multi-core and 15 percent better single-threaded performance. The processors are each “unlocked” – thus offer a freely overclockable multiplier. In addition, there is support for quad-channel RAM and up to 44 PCI Express lanes for connecting multiple graphics cards or PCI Express SSDs without loss of performance.

Intel sees the purpose of the stronger multiconders, especially in the case of excessive multitasking, in the creation of 4K and VR content as well as in complex games. The X299 chipset also includes a new platform as well as the socket 2066. The release is expected for June to August 2017.

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