Intel Core i 8th Generation Processor 30 percent Faster

On the first day of the competition – Computex 2017 Intel turned out to come up with a number of exciting surprises. Not only announced the line of Core X-Series processors for the enthusiast-class platform, Intel was starting to offend the presence of Core I 8th Generation. Interestingly this processor is rumored to be present this year also with certainty will be announced later in the day.

Unlike its predecessor, this generation’s move seems to be very interesting to follow.

Intel mentioned that Core i 8th Generation processor will offer computing performance more than 30% higher than Core i 7th Generation.

Claiming performance improvement as high as it certainly surprises us considering the previous generation of processor displacement only offers increased computing performance in the tens of percent, even sometimes under 10%.

For owners of desktop PCs or laptops older generation is not impossible the presence of Core i 8th Generation processor to be a sign of time to have a new computer is faster and more sophisticated.

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