Huawei Plans to Make Notebook To Compete Apple MacBook

Recently Microsoft has launched their new product called Surface Laptop. The device will become a competitor to Apple MacBook because Microsoft compares some of its specifications and becomes the answer to Google’s Chrome OS. But Microsoft is not the only one who will be a competitor Apple MacBook because Huawei also plans to launch a laptop competitor MacBook.

According to a Financial Times report that Huawei will release a high-performance notebook at the end of the month that will haunt Apple. Huawei-made laptops will target the average segment and not necessarily a professional businessman.

Although the details of the specification of the laptop Windows 10 is not yet known but said if the price is high enough. In April, renowned leakster Evan Blass uploaded details from Huawei’s latest notebook. The three notebooks with the code name Pascal, Bell and Watt are expected to be launched with the last name of MateBook E, X, and MateBook D. Of the three will have different segments. From the images that have been uploaded, we can guess what would be like the third notebook.

MateBook E will be a 2-in-1 device that is certainly suitable for mobile activities, while for MateBook X and MateBook D will carry the concept of the full laptop. Currently, we are still in the first week of May, where there is still enough time for Huawei to prepare for the launch of his three notebooks by the end of the month.

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