HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and mobility

Micrososft is forging the next generation of HoloLens to feature a dedicated AI chip. Here the interesting thing is, this HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and it gives the device more mobility since it doesn’t need to stay connected to the internet. It can also decrease the overall power consumption of the device since it won’t be using the cloud all the time. Cool…Right!

As we know, gradually AI technology / Artificial Intelligence increasingly has a big role in our lives. AI can be our daily assistant such as scheduling meetings, accessing more info instantly, and much more. But the problem is, how to handle so much data without making performance slow down and spend a lot of battery?

That is why Microsoft today showcased one of the new technologies to be immersed in the next generation HoloLens. Microsoft’s answer is through the design of chips for HoloLens extra-AI glasses that analyze what users see and hear there on the device rather than throw out valuable microseconds that send data back to the cloud. The new processor, an existing version of Holographic Processing Unit 2.0, was launched at an event in Honolulu, Hawaii, today. Just info, the event is called CVPR / Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

The chip is under development and will be included in the next version of HoloLens. It’s just that Microsoft is still silent about when the launch, although rumors a few months ago that circulate directly to the year 2019. But, it could be a little faster to see already in this chip.

We take this very seriously, “said Doug Burger, a leading engineer at Microsoft Research, who works on the company’s chip development strategy for the cloud. “Our aspiration is to become Cloud AI No. 1. ”

The new HoloLens chip will make that much more likely. Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott said: “We really need special silicone to help with some of the scenarios and applications we’re building.”

It’s clear that artificial intelligence that lives in Microsoft Devices products will be Microsoft’s efforts to rival Google and Apple in this AI world. Especially for the purpose that makes you can do and achieve more. This technology is designed not to replace humans, but rather to make them more productive.

Well, what’s your view about this latest Microsoft innovation?

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