Is GTX 1080 Ti GDDR5X Have 10GB Memory?

Leaked information about the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti has been outstanding.


According to the website Videocardz, graphics cards with the GTX Titan X position between Pascal and the GTX 1080 will come with 10GB of memory GDDR5X. Not only that, GTX 1080 Ti is also known to be using the same GP102 Pascal GPU as the GTX Titan X Pascal.

Leaked information has come from the graphics card package shipping information mysteriously leaked on the internet. In the description, the package is written as “384-bit GDDR 10240MB Computer Graphics Card”. Such information can be viewed through the site import export India, Zauba.


From this information can also be viewed series circuit board (PCB) is used, the PG611. The PCB is designed specifically to support GPU Pascal GP102 as well as GTX Titan X Pascal.

See position “1080 GTX Ti” in the market, this graphics card is going to appear with performance under the GTX Titan X Pascal, but it will be faster than “GTX 1080”.

Thus it can be said that the 1080 GTX Ti is a downgraded version of the GTX Titan X Pascal. From these assumptions, WCCFTech, estimates GTX Ti 1080 will come with 10.8 billion transistors and no less than 3072 CUDA cores. This graphics card will also use memory GDDR5X like GTX 1080, and is estimated to have power consumption (TDP) of 250 watts.

Until now, NVIDIA is still not willing to comment on this new graphics card. Seeing readiness, GTX 1080 Ti may emerge at CES in early January 2017.

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