Get $250K if You Found a Bug in Windows 10

The company owned by the richest people in the world, Microsoft, recently announced a contest for those who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Windows operating system 10. For those who can win the contest, Microsoft is ready to funds up to USD250.000 As reported The Verge, Thursday (07/27/2017).

Microsoft challenges anyone who can find the Hyper-V vulnerability and also Microsoft Edge bugs in Windows 10. It’s just that, a number of prizes prepared by Microsoft for bugs in the Edge browser are lower ie around $ 15,000.

“Security is always changing and we are prioritizing different types of vulnerabilities at different points now,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said. “Microsoft strongly believes in the value of vulnerabilities and we believe that this is useful for improving our security capabilities,” he continued through an upload on the blog. The contest held by Bill Gates company is named as Windows Bounty Program announced on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 local time.

The program is not the first time held by Microsoft. Previously this company also had held a similar contest for bugs in Windows 8.1. The vulnerability finder in the OS was rewarded with a reward of USD100,000.

Not only Microsoft, some other companies such as Facebook, Google, and Uber, also known to have the contest. The company deliberately set up enough money to tempt the researchers to be interested in joining. With the early detection of vulnerability vulnerabilities in the company’s systems, they can prevent cyber attacks that can exacerbate damage and losses.

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