Funny GTX 1080 SLI Cosplayers

Imagine these two cosplayers sandwiched. A true SLI configuration. Don’t take me seriously


gtx 1080 cosplay

Founder LinusTechTips Posing at PAX with GTX 1080 SLI cosplayers

Geforce GTX Cosplayers

Geforce GTX Cosplayers

So where are the cosplayers with GTX 1060 SLI? Nope, there isn’t one…

Nvidia Geforce gtx 1080 1070 1060

Nvidia Geforce gtx 1080 1070 1060

If you think: budget card; it’s a trade off for it beating the RX480. Also, if you want more performance, just get a 1070. Doesnt beat the RX480 at everything, RX480 beats the 1060 most of the time in DX12, 1060 beats the 480 most the time in DX11.

The difference is 5 fps on average between the two. And nvidia has shadowplay. Yeah but Gage, the tradoff then is that you have a card from AMD and I’m not poor as dirt. There are 5-6 DX12 games. Meanwhile there are thousands of DX11 games.

Present day, single card is better than two. And it won’t be changed anytime soon. On top of it there are new technologies for multi-GPU configurations, for future titles we should say goodbye to CF/SLI. What developers will make out of them is a different question though.

BTW GTX1060 also supports these technologies and can be used in multi-GPU configurations based on these technologies.

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