Co-founder Brian Acton Leaves WhatsApp After 8 Years

Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp instant messaging app, decided to resign from his position in the company now wholly owned by Facebook.

This announcement is submitted directly by Acton through his Facebook account. In the status he uploaded on Wednesday (Sept. 13), Acton also tells will soon establish a new non-profit-based organization that has long been thought of so far.

Acton’s status is also commented on by the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who expressed his thanks to Acton for all his services to WhatsApp.

Acton spent the time of year with WhatsApp. He was also present when Facebook acquired his company in 2014 with a dowry of 19 billion US dollars in cash and stock.

Stanford University alumni builds WhatsApp with Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum in 2009. Both had worked for Yahoo before establishing WhatsApp.

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