Apple TV is Now Able to Play 4K Video

Apple has just launched a long-awaited update to Apple TV set-top-box products. The product can now play movies and TV programs in Ultra HD 4K resolution, because according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, TV content is currently in a transformation due to 4K mainstream adoption.

Apple allows HDR resolution to be present on Apple TV and is supported by Dolby Vision and HDR 10 audio quality.

This high resolution enhancement will allow Apple TV to expose lighting for lighter colors and wider color ranges for television projectors.

For hardware affairs, Apple TV currently runs a much more powerful component with the Fusion A10X processor and 3 GB of RAM. This capability generates CPU performance twice as fast as the last model.

Apple also made changes to the Apple TV interface display with an optimized design at 4K resolution. And lastly, Apple announced they have worked with major studios in Hollywood to bring 4K movie content to the iTunes Store.

The latest Apple TV is planned to be available in the US market on September 22, 2017 for 179 US dollars with 32 GB or 199 US dollars storage with 64 GB.

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