AMD: New drivers for Ryzen chipsets

With the new drivers, some optimizations are to be implemented, with the bottom line an improvement in the performance of the chips when playing from five to six percent is achieved.

The market launch of the Ryzen processors showed some weaknesses. Especially when playing the AMD chips fell behind the Intel processors. AMD is therefore making a lot of efforts to provide additional performance potentials through subsequent optimization. For this, the manufacturer now relies on new Windows 10 x64 drivers for the chipsets of the Ryzen motherboards.

However, the new drivers are expected to achieve the greatest improvement in energy consumption, as they bring a new energy-saving mode. Also the performance of the processors in games is to increase by six to seven percent.

With the upgrade, AMD prevents the Microsoft operating system from shutting down cores, which can lead to problems, however. This could affect the functionality of XFR technology, which overcomes the processor automatically. At this point, you are advised to override the CPU by hand.

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