AMD, Is Kyzen the next Ryzen?

The manufacturer has applied for the protection of a whole range of processors.

In the last few months, there was hardly a week that did not provide new details about AMD processors or GPUs. Lastly, the manufacturer announced with Threadripper a further Ryzen series, which is to be moved above the current top models. In addition, rough roadmaps were published for the further development of CPU and GPU architectures.

WCCFTech is now apparently stumbled upon a list, with AMD to have the trademark protection for a number of names. Not only are the already known names of future (graphic) chips – RX Vega, Threadripper, Epyc. Rather, the application contains the previously unknown names of Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos, Promethean, Zenso and CoreAmp.

Nearby is the Ryzen replaced by Kyzen. The Kyzen CPUs are expected to come on the market in 2018 and are based on the Zen-2 architecture. In another place, too, a connection can be established: with Promethean, AMD – as already at Athlon and Sempron – is attacking, in particular, the old Greece. At this point, a new product could be expected in the future. However, it can also be excluded that some of the names from the list are linked to projects that are already set.

Kyzen already, perhaps Gyzen or Fyzen? Or Zyzen?┬áKyn-Zen for me …

Aragon … This is the compromise between Argon and Aragorn, right?

“Thread Ripper”? “EPYC”? Really, AMD? Is it perhaps even slightly lower in the level?
This is probably due to the targeted target group.

How about Shyzen?

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