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Buy Domain Guide For Your Business

In this guide, we will cover all topics so you can make informed decisions when buying a domain name for your business. This guide includes some basic rules you should keep and many useful tips. First we

Review Siteground Webhosting Test

All good web hosting companies across Germany offer almost identical features. Siteground is at the top of our list of website hosting services that we have verified. Speed and reliability – we have clicked the Amsterdam Server

Webhosting Introduction for Beginners

In this article, we have compiled all the important information you need as a new webmaster to plan and successfully build your own website. There are three main steps you should consider: You should select a web

How To Select the Best Website Hosting

Here the tips: make a list of trusted web host company that you want to check – you could use our table, which is set forth above Webhosting site – you should have a Germany / Europe,

You Need to Know Where is Website Hosted

Hosting website, this is already sounds familiar. You need to know where is website hosted – Can not in any place, but in the right place. Lets we see various web hosting. Understanding Web Hosting Web hosting

What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS hosting? For those of you who want to learn more about Virtual Private Server (VPS) or guys who now have a website using shared hosting and planning to move to VPS Hosting, then you’re

Recommended Plugin: wp Hosting Performance Check

Recommended plugin to check your wordpress site hosting. The plugin is called ‘wp Hosting Performance Check’ by Scott Farrel, and aims at assessing your current hosting. wp Hosting Performance Check tracks in real-time the real web hits,

Cheap Hosting For Multiple WordPress Site

If you looking for a host for about $15 monthly or cheaper to host about 10 low traffic websites. Something where site security is more of a priority. Here the list. Cloudways A 1 GB droplet with either

5 Keys to Choose Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Web hosting is a service that is essential to internet marketing or website owners to store data or files, whether it be text, images, scripts, applications and others. Usually, web hosting service hired by the calculated annual