Webhosting Introduction for Beginners

In this article, we have compiled all the important information you need as a new webmaster to plan and successfully build your own website. There are three main steps you should consider: You should select a web host, domain name, and an application to create and manage your website content.

How to Choose Webhosting? Introduction for Beginners


Choosing a web host is the first step you should consider when you want to start a website project. To place your site on the World Wide Web, you would need a host. Your place on the WWW is worried thanks to the web hosting provider. The web hosting service includes the space where your website files are stored, the data traffic, and many additional services such as firewall protection, technical support, e-mail service, FTP access, domain registration, website building Tools and much more.

To select a web host for your site, you need to consider a few important points:

Price: Can it work with a free web host?

Many webmasters look for free web hosting providers, at least for their first website. This is understandable – you have no idea how to compare the hosting services and how to check the prices. Now if you start a website, you will see that there are some other things out there besides the price that are also to consider. For example, hosts publish advertisements on your websites free of charge or very cheaply, but without technical support. Below we have listed some of the most important factors that would help you choose host:

Customer feedback

If you compare a few hosting providers that meet your budget and your technical requirements, it is recommended to review the customer feedback. A lot of information can be found in Google, Yahoo or in specialized hosting directories. The reliability of the providers can be determined by the following factors:

  • How fast the vendors react to tech problems
  • The operating time corresponds to the numbers in the index
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical customer support

Technical support is always needed, at least from time to time. When you start building your web page, you will also have questions like: How to start; How to upload files; How to create an e-mail account, etc.

The answers to these questions will help you as soon as possible or even immediately. Therefore, your web host should provide 24×7 technical support. Your technical questions should be answered within 1-2 hours max. In addition to the speed of the feedback, you should also check the professional competence. And do not go looking for phone support – the phone support lines are always busy when you need them. The most efficient companies use ticketing systems. So you can list all technical details of the problem as part of a ticket. If all information is available, inquiry can be answered much faster and more accurately.

Hosting features: webspace, bandwidth, CPU, PHP limits, etc.

The characteristics of web hosting planning are growing all the time. 2003 was the max space per shared hosting 5 MB. In 2009, some providers offer almost everything unlimited. Attention! Read the terms and conditions to check what’s limited.

Provides hosting provider support:

E-mail, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, account confirmations, e-mail forwarding:
If you have a website, you probably want, e-mail addresses to have your own domain name, for example: info@yourdomain.com . Search for POP3, SMTP (and IMAP) to web mail functions to back up. Check whether you can automatically return the sender to the sender (car confirmation). Look to see if the routing function correctly when you forward a message from an e-mail to another: all e-mails addressed to sales@mydomain.com are sent, should at salesmanager@mydomain.com be forwarded. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “>

PHP, MySQL, Cron Jobs: The PHP / MySQL functions are becoming increasingly important for a dynamic website. Cron jobs would be used for programs that are used regularly (eg once a day)

Website Tools – Blogs, CMS, Galleries, Forums: Your host can provide you with free tools to create your website. Such tools are blogs, CMS, galleries, forums. These tools will make the work on your site much easier and will also save you a lot of money for web designers and developers.

E-Commerce Option – Shopping Cart, Secure Socket Layer (SSL):
If you plan to operate an ecommerce website, you will receive an SSL certificate and shopping cart. These facilities are usually expensive and include additional fees. You will definitely need an SSL certificate if you want to collect credit card information on your website.

System control:
This feature is especially important when you want to maintain your website or when the site is obtained from a prof. You can use the system control to make changes to your website, upload files, change passwords, add / delete an email account, manage databases, etc.

Dreamweaver, GoLive, Flash:
You might want to create your site using a website-building software like GoLive or Dreamweaver. In this case, you should check if these tools are available at your web hosting provider.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you will have a reliable, efficient and satisfying hosting service that promises success for your company for many years to come.

How To Select the Best Website Hosting

Here the tips:


  • make a list of trusted web host company that you want to check – you could use our table, which is set forth above
  • Webhosting site – you should have a Germany / Europe, demand-based data center (much faster data delivery). In addition, an English speaking, in-house post-service team is desirable (this post-support team is in your time zone and can solve your problems much faster)
  • Website Hosting Speed – Speed is everything. The faster the site, the more traffic and the more exchange of info and so more income for you. That’s why you broke a local hosting. Test its ping and the boot time of a website, Google recommends response time of the server under 200 ms. Website speed is also a ranking factor.
  • Webhoster Security – provides this isolated accounts, firewalls and automatic updates of the CMS like WordPress and Joomla
  • Backup – everything can happen. Your data is the most important part of your business. You can accidentally delete or virus infected. Your web hosting service needs to have a backup!
  • Read Webhosting Test Expert (you can use the insights and opinions of various experts read but remember that they are also connected with the hosting provider. That’s why you do not trust this test 100%)
  • Read reviews from customers – Search the Internet and find customer reviews on the selected web host company. Do not trust this 100% as there are paid testing and hate ratings.



You Need to Know Where is Website Hosted

Hosting website, this is already sounds familiar. You need to know where is website hosted – Can not in any place, but in the right place. Lets we see various web hosting.

Understanding Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that is used to store data of a website. Web hosting allows us or any other person can access the data from our web site. This will facilitate the computer user in order to exchange information and data. The users can simply use the internet service to get connected and accessing our web site.

where is a website hosted
where is a website hosted

Now so a lot of the internet hosting leasing services, even some particular company offers a million excess in their hosting packages. The company also racing – race in offering their hosting. With cheaper prices even  bonus or hosting provided free of charge.

Web Hosting Types

Before you hire a hosting in internet, you have to know the kind of hosting. Here are the types of hosting;

1. Free Hosting

where is website hosted
where is website hosted

Free Hosting is a web hosting service that is provided free of charge. You are only required to register themselves by filling the biodata yourself and your email. Next, you will get a reply email confirming that you are a member and have access to the web hosting. In Free Hostign usually the company will provide the capacity limits of our services so that we are advised to upgrade to the premium hosting.

2. Shared Hosting

what is a host website
what is a host website

Shared Hosting is paid web hosting services offered by web hosting services company. The advantages of this type of web hosting is a very cheap price. Users typically asked to choose a hosting package that will be rented for example with a capacity of 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB and so on.

Basically, a web hosting service provider will provide a server and resources used such as hard drives and memory. Then the server will be shared by several users even decades. Most web hosting services existing web hosting companies provide this type of service, because they are relatively cheaper. But if you have a web site with many visitors that crowded and it is advisable to use the services of other web sites.

3. Reseller Hosting


Reseller hosting is a service provided by the web hosting company to the members to be able to invite friends to join their web hosting. Web Hosting this type usually called the realtor of web hosting.

The company will give a commission to someone who can invite friends or others to join and sign up on the company’s web hosting services. Web hosting is very suitable for people in the business of providing web hosting but do not have the capital to establish their own web hosting services company.

4. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

hosting a website
hosting a website

VPS is a service that allows us to rent a whole server. so that we can manage our liking. Hosting this type has the advantage that we can have at the root of action, the selection of operating systems in use, the installation of the application itself that can be used for multiple Web sites at once.

The VPS provider will usually provide bandwidth limit, memory and hard drive capacity. These types of web hosting services are suitable for medium-scale web site.

5. Dedicated Hosting

ecommerce website hosting
ecommerce website hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a web hosting service that allows subscribers to rent a server to the service provider. The advantages of this intellectually is sever and customers can use existing resources in accordance with their own accord as if the customer has the server.

Usually, the service provider will provide the server to the customer so that the customer can use the server according to their kebutukan.

6. Colocation Hosting

website hosting packages
website hosting packages

Colocation Hosting is a web hosting service is the most expensive. Because here n service provider company only provides the place and the only means of support. While customers will provide their own server to operate.

This type of web hosting service is perfect for large companies that have a very high traffic.

So, if you have a question where is website hosted? a website will match the needs, such as capacity and performance with the right budget.

What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS hosting? For those of you who want to learn more about Virtual Private Server (VPS) or guys who now have a website using shared hosting and planning to move to VPS Hosting, then you’re on the right article.

Because in this article, we will discuss:

  • How it Works VPS Hosting
  • Difference Between VPS and Shared Hosting
  • When do I need VPS Hosting?
  • How to know the specifications VPS that fit for the website with amount of visitors?

I will try to explain very simply to make it more easily understood.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server located on a Master, or can be defined as a Master Server that is in a virtual partition.

The VPS like a capacity of 100 GB hard drive and then partitioned into four sections, each getting 25 GB. Each partition is used by a single user only.

How it Works – VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, every website is hosted in it will have a good performance. This is because each partition of the Master server has its configuration each according to what is required by the customer. So VPS work optimally without interference from the outside, this is called Isolated Environment.

To make it easier to understand, here’s a picture that describes the difference between shared hosting to VPS Hosting:


Basically, if you host your website on a VPS, you use one server pieces together with customers / other websites. However, each customer will receive a virtual machine with its respective resources (processors, storage, memory and bandwidth) dedicated only to one customer.

Customers or other websites that are on the other partition or a virtual machine will not affect the performance of your website.

In contrast to the shared hosting one server parent ganged-do, this is what causes instability in the shared hosting, because when a website owned by someone else is using a great resource, then your website will be affected.

Virtual Private Server is almost similar to a dedicated server, where you actually pay for resources that you use without interference from other customers.

Difference Between VPS and Shared Hosting

To be even easier to understand, we analogy is with a home server.

Shared Hosting: is a house with 1 room, 1 dining room and 1 bathroom which is inhabited by 10 people. Everyone who lives in this house, every morning to queue for the bathroom, bedroom coincide and fighting over food.

VPS Hosting: is a house that is used as a boarding house, every single house has a bed room, a dining room and 1 bathroom. 1 house only be occupied by one person only, so the person can eat, sleep and shower at any time without having to take the time to wait in line.

When I Need VPS Hosting?

Indeed, this question is often a dilemma when having a website. Some of you feel confused when having to choose between Shared and VPS Hosting.

Shared hosting does have a very cheap price, but with the service and performance are minimal. While VPS has prices that tend to be more expensive, but its performance is already no doubt.

Here are some things that can be used as signs or characteristics should move the website to VPS.

1. Increase Your Website Visitors

If your website visitor reach 2,000 to 3,000 per day with 6,000 page views per day, the VPS is the right choice for you.

Although with the amount of traffic, shared hosting is still able to handle it, but we never know if these 3,000 visitors feel comfortable with the speed of the website we offer? Is there a pageview potential wasted because of shared hosting suddenly unstable?

By using VPS, the potential is very large increase in the number of visits, this is due to our websites became faster and google search engines prefer websites with short load time to put on the first page of Google search results.

2. Backend Feels Weight

Usually if our website using a CMS, then when the visitors were high, backend website will be very heavy. Post articles and upload images will take longer.

If you feel the above too, then immediately move to VPS Hosting, with a backend that fast then you will increase productivity.

An article will be published faster, and the visitors also access your website faster..

3. Security and Root Access

If you are a web developer who take care of some of the websites belonging to the client, then better keep client websites on a VPS server.

By using a VPS server, security and stability will be very high, this will minimize complaints from clients who complained of long website.

VPS server also provides full root access to users, this allows you to configure it according to what the client wants.

What specifications VPS fitting for my website?

If you are unsure of the specifications VPS right for your website, try buying a VPS with the lowest package for 1 month and feel the performance. If it feels lighter and comfortable then that specification VPS server suitable for your website today.

Is there a free VPS trial?

No, but you usually need a credit card before they can use the VPS trial.

Recommended Plugin: wp Hosting Performance Check

Recommended plugin to check your wordpress site hosting. The plugin is called ‘wp Hosting Performance Check’ by Scott Farrel, and aims at assessing your current hosting.

wp Hosting Performance Check tracks in real-time the real web hits, and web pages loads. So if not sure how your hosting is performing, or your arguing with your hosting support about performance – this should help you out.

You can download the plugin here

I’ve tried using the plugin, and it worked great.




Nah, now we can determine the performance of the hosting that we use. It is helpful to determine if we need to upgrade the web hosting plan when it is not able to handle.

Cheap Hosting For Multiple WordPress Site

If you looking for a host for about $15 monthly or cheaper to host about 10 low traffic websites. Something where site security is more of a priority. Here the list.


A 1 GB droplet with either Digital Ocean or Vultr, depending on which has a datacentre closer to the majority of your clients’ visitors. Security of a VPS and separate public_html folders for each site – $15/month


No matter where you decide to host, enabling end user security is always up to you. The server may count with a firewall, mod_security and the likes, but those tools won’t avoid your site from being compromised if you use outdated plugins/themes or if you miss some security basics.

iThemes Security Free is one of the best plugins to keep malware out.

The problem with a $15 range is that you can either do CloudWays or shared hosting. Most shared hosting puts all sites on the same cPanel under public_html/domain.com public_html/domain2.com and poses a security risk. cPanel did just release a new feature where it sticks sites in /home/domain.com /home/domain2.com but most hosts are not utilizing this yet. If you’re looking for security I would say CloudWays and ensure you install iThemes Security or something similar on all sites.


Siteground has the Go Geek plan for $14.95/mo but you have to pay for a year in advance.


Veerotech has great support and SSD servers. Their reseller starts at $15.95/mo.

Digital Ocean

A $10 or $20 a month Digital Ocean droplet would be fine for 10 low traffic sites.

Incendia Web Works

Excellent price, separate public_html folders for each site, high security and lightning fast!!


DDoS protection, cloud linux, separate public html folders, litespeed server, great CS.

And the first year it’s half price ($8 per month)




5 Keys to Choose Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Web hosting is a service that is essential to internet marketing or website owners to store data or files, whether it be text, images, scripts, applications and others. Usually, web hosting service hired by the calculated annual period.

Which web hosting will we choose? right there!!!

woNumber of requests to web hosting, increasing from year to year. Many hosting services are new, of course, this is great business potential.

I have observed this business hosting services, there has been created a tight competition. They even offer a lot of promos to attract more consumers.

The number of web hosting providers that come with a variety of offerings, are now supposed to make us selective. This is important, because the web hosting service providers will greatly affect the performance or the performance of our website.

One chose a web hosting service, it could make our website so bad. When not working optimally, will hurt us. Trust me!

To avoid this, then you should have a few tricks. To select a good web hosting provider, here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to make your choice of web hosting service providers are reliable and able to make your website work optimally.

Web Hosting Cost

So do not ever swayed by low prices, offered by a hosting service provider. Thorough promo given, whether fair or not. Could be, cheap promo can make bad service and also affect the website.

To determine the value of fairness, you can compare the price of some service providers. When the price offered is not too far away, from the average price of a web hosting service provider, it can be said that the price is reasonable.

Check their Clients

To ensure good quality or not, hosting can be checked via the customer / clients who have used their services. By looking at some of the clients or users who have used the services of hosting, we can confirm the track record or the quality of its business.

However, do not be one hundred percent believe in what is shown on their website column. You must make absolutely sure that, customer lists or testimony they say is not something fictitious or false.

Good Customer Services of Web Hosting

Customer support or customer service is a part that can not be ignored. Of course, this to ensure a good hosting for your website.

Consumer services provided web hosting company is indeed important. You look, because of problems related to website hosting, it could happen, and happen to you at any time, without having to know the time.

Therefore, in anticipation of this problem, you should be able to choose a hosting provider that has a good customer support and reliable. If possible, choose a web hosting provider that provides 24 hour / 7 day telephone support, email and online chat. That way, we do not have to worry anymore if we get problems on our website at any time.

Data and Bandwidth

Next, tips to be able to get a good hosting provider, by doing a total check of data storage and bandwidth provided by web hosting services. Hosting is actually a data storage area certainly has a certain capacity.

Well, for that try adjusting the total data storage and bandwidth. Does the availability of web hosting according to the needs of your website?

This is important, because the data storage and bandwidth accordingly, then our website will be able to work optimally and maximum.

Scripts Support

Lastly, tips for choosing a good web hosting, check on the support script provided. For example in this case, we want to use WordPress as a CMS on our website, we should select webhosting has scripting support WordPress CMS.

Some hosting providers now offer built-in script package, which makes the installation to make the website even easier. But unfortunately, some web hosting providers also impose limits on the number of SQL databases that can be created. From here we must absolutely be sure that our website is still working optimally even with a limited database.




WordPress Can not Update Theme and Plugin FTP Credentials

Yesterday, I got a little problem. I have many websites and some of them in one web hosting. I try to update WordPress new version 4.6, but it did not work. It also can not update theme and plugin. On the WordPress dashboard, show alert:

enter ftp credentials

or read here the message

To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.

example: www.wordpress.org
FTP Username
FTP Password
This password will not be stored on the server.
Connection Type
-Cancel -Proceed

So, how to fix for asking the ftp credentials?

Just simple step. You can add the following code

define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

and paste it into your wp-config.php (login cPanel first -> File Manager -> your WordPress directory.

wp config

And now, you can smile again.


Okay guys, mission completed!

Which The Best Web Hosting For WordPress Site

Many hosting providers there are special WordPress hosting packages. Mostly there can be installed with one click WordPress simply. I have a list of them.

best hosting wordpress site

For clarification, the criteria by which vendors were selected: The provider in this list were then selected if they offer a package that is designed specifically for WordPress (at Host Europe, for example, the package “blog hosting”). This list is not intended to give the impression that WordPress can not be easily installed on other packages or other hosters.

If a hosting provider advertises a package specifically for WordPress, you should have to worry that everything is set up so that WordPress runs optimally on this package. Many hosters offer such packages or have even dedicated completely to the infrastructure for the popular CMS. Nine of them, we have culled here for you.

The order is not entirely arbitrary, it starts with the large, well-known hosting and continues with hosters who place a greater emphasis on WordPress hosting. If you want to install the CMS instead at a WordPress hosting provider first time locally, you should take a look at this product.

WordPress hosting with Strato

Recently, also offers Strato (affiliate link) WordPress hosting packages. The small tariff is free at twelve months duration for the first six months and then costs 3,49 Euro. In addition a setup fee of 14.90 euros. Included are 25 Gigabytes of Web Space, two gigabytes for MySQL databases on a SSD and PHP 7. In the small package, only one WordPress installation to operate, gives access to the server it with SSH and SFTP.

If you want to operate in a package of multiple WordPress installations, you have to pick up the big plan in which you have space for three installations.

WordPress hosting at Host Europe

Host Europe offers the possibility of parallel to the live site to operate a test page can be tested for the updates and other changes. Host Europe offers the opportunity to operate in parallel with the live site a test page can be tested for the updates and other changes.

In Host Europe (affiliate link), there is the package “blog hosting” for 9.99 euros a month with a one-time setup fee of 14.99 euros for at least six months contract period, while there is a satisfaction guarantee – the charge for the first month is done after 30 days, a notice of termination of one day is always possible in this time. Includes, in addition to 30 gigabytes of storage space a database on a SSD and a test environment that can be tested for the risk major changes.

Because there was not even there FTP access with the best package to Host Europe is aimed clearly at the pure user – in the larger packages are then FTP, but not SFTP. On the positive side, however, that in all packages an SSL proxy is available, so that the page can be operated via HTTPS. For larger packages, there is the satisfaction guarantee for contracts with a 12 month term. The shared hosting packages are hosted in Cologne.

WordPress hosting at Raid Boxes

Raid Boxes (affiliate link) offers its smallest rate of 9 euros per month, with the first 14 days are always free and without obligation. It includes two gigabytes of storage on an SSD for a WordPress website – there are accessing the web space via SFTP. From the starter pack for monthly 15 euro the site located on its own vServer with its own CPU core. SSL there are only from the starter package from 50 euros per year.

The makers of Raid Boxes also offer a free moving services for existing installations. Server location is Germany.

WordPress hosting at Timme Hosting

Timme Hosting uses nginx as a web server. The günstigeste package costs 19.95 euros and offers five gigabytes SSD hard drive and e-mail storage. There is also a domain and five Cron Jobs. For a better performance the preinstalled Pagespeed module of Google makes, and HTTP / 2 is supported. Instead of the standard compiler for PHP performant version HHVM is used. You can access to your webspace via SFTP or SSH, SSL certificates are available from 29 Euro per year.

All packages are designed to operate a single site, the offer can be tried for free with a test site for 14 days. The data center of Timme Hosting server is located in Germany.

WordPress hosting at Savvii

as the smallest package “Starter” for 11 euros per month to Savvii offers. There are 250 megabytes of storage and 3,500 page views per month – who wants to operate a larger site, so it should look at least the second package for 29 euros per month, with 10 gigabytes and 125,000 page views. When caching Varnish is used, SFTP is in all packages here. However, SSL certificates can be used only from the second smallest package.

For the first 30 days, there is a money back guarantee. The Shared Packages are hosted in London, the VPS packages in Frankfurt.

WordPress hosting at Media Temple

Fast, reliable and easy to manage: How Media Temple advertises its WordPress hosting. (Graphics: Media Temple) Fast, reliable and easy to manage: How Media Temple advertises its WordPress hosting. (Graphics: Media Temple)

Media Temple is also focusing its WordPress hosting on fast SSD drives. From 20 US dollars per month, there are 30 gigabytes of storage for up to two sites. Here even the smallest plan include: SSH and SFTP access. Among other things, a Git integration is on offer, as well as the simple copy of a site for testing purposes, here Media Temple is aimed more at users who want to develop. SSL certificates cost from 75 US dollars per year.

Media Temple also offers some exclusive themes that can use her as a customer. Server are on the East and West Coast of the USA.

WordPress hosting at WP Engine

The günstigeste plan at WP Engine costs 29 US dollars per month. For this you will receive ten gigabytes of disk space, 25,000 visits per month and an installation of WordPress. Included in all plans is the possibility of staging – you can your page so simply duplicate for testing purposes. As server location can be selected in addition to the United States or United Kingdom and Japan. However, the small package does not support multi-site installation.

In addition to the US data center WP Engine offers as a location yet London and Tokyo.

WordPress hosting at Dreamhost

Dreamhost is good web hosting for WordPress site. Dreamhost (affiliate link) offers Dream Press a WordPress hosting package that does not have fixed resources, but adapts flexibly. The whole there are currently for $ 19.95 per month, usually for 24.95. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited databases et cetera (for more information about when this is “unlimited” not unlimited, there is on the website). Server locations there is probably only in the US.

WordPress hosting at Bluehost

The cheapest package at Bluehost (affiliate link) costs during the first month 12.49 US dollars, then 24.99 with 30 days money back guarantee. It includes 30 gigabytes of storage space, as much space for backups and 2 gigabytes of RAM. SSL certificates can only install from the third smallest plan.

According to web host site, Bluehost bring Wordpress since 2005 closely to create an optimal WordPress hosting environment. Server location is Provo, Utah.

WordPress hosting at Digital Ocean

Great web hoster : Digital Ocean completely uses SSDs. Digital Ocean completely uses SSDs.

Also Digital Ocean is rather aimed at the professional user. The cheapest plan costs five dollars per month or 0,007 per hour. There is a CPU core with 512 megabytes and 20 gigabytes of hard drive space on an SSD. The use of free Let’s-Encrypt certificates is possible.

Digital Ocean as the server location, among other Frankfurt offers, next example yet Amsterdam, Singapore and New York City.

WordPress hosting at 1 & 1

Among the great mass hosters, there are also special WordPress hosting packages – so even at 1 & 1 (affiliate link). Referred is here among other things with the latest WordPress version, in addition to the pure WordPress installation also 1 & 1’s own tools are installed – like a “1 & 1 WP Wizard”, recommended plugins and themes can be installed with the depending side type – for someone who does not want big deal with the search for suitable plugins, perhaps the right thing for advanced users rather useless ballast.

The smallest package for a website with 25 gigabytes of memory, a database and an inclusive domain is available for EUR 2.99 per month for a term of 12 months. Meanwhile, there are also in this small package an SFTP access, so that the connection is encrypted to the server. From the basic package there are disk space on an SSD – currently there is an action that the first twelve months with the package costs EUR 0.99, after 6.99 euros. For all packages, a 30-day money-back guarantee applies. 1 & 1 has, among other servers in Frankfurt and Munich.

WordPress Hosting with Flywheel

With Flywheel (affiliate link), there are different types of fares. The best solution is a Pay-Per-Site Plan, which provides a WordPress installation for 15 US dollars per month. Included are five gigabyte hard drive and 5,000 monthly visits. An SSL certificate is available in the two best packages for $ 10 per month, the Professional plan is included.

Flywheel has some special features, such as the bills can be easily forwarded to a customer. Also staging is possible. Server location is New York City and for a small part of San Francisco.

Web Hosting for WordPress Site at SiteGround

Currently it starts in the WordPress hosting packages by SiteGround at 3.95 euros per month plus VAT. For this you get a WordPress installation to 10 gigabyte SSD hard drive, automatic updates of plugins and core and daily backups. In addition, HTTP / 2 is enabled on the server, which is available at locations in Europe, Asia and the USA.

WordPress hosting at Pagely

Pagely advertises confidently with “The Most Scalable WordPress Hosting Platform on the planet”. The “Business” plan is as the least expensive at $ 64 per month and offers ten gigabyte SSD hard drive space for three WordPress installations and 50 gigabytes on a CDN.

Also included are automatic WordPress updates from the core and plugins, automatic backups and SPDY at best plan. When hosting infrastructure Pagely uses the Amazon Web Services. VPS or enterprise customers can select the region in which they are to be hosted, Standard is US East in Virginia.

What should note it in the selection

If you just want to quickly install and get started WordPress for a small side, each of said suppliers may well be appropriate to achieve this goal. If your demands are higher, you should not always take the cheapest package and might prefer to invest a little more.

Attempts to define in advance what is to afford the hosting package for you. Do you want a bit of tinkering and could for a SSH access quite useful for us? Then you should check whether the important commands probably also work with your desired package in the next step. If a provider quite clearly aimed at developers or business users, this could be worth more first glance.

Also on important factors such as the PHP memory limit should be taken when choosing – if that is too low and can not be increased, making it very fast no fun anymore. You should also pay attention to whether the provider communicates with as many parties ye shares hardware or if you even have a bit of hardware guarantees. When is nothing to see at this point, the package may not be the right one for professional claims.

Also the server location should not be disregarded, alone already from speed issues – most vendors offer this product at least to a European site, but not all.

WordPress hosting provider in tabular comparison

For clarity, there are again a small table with some basic information on the individual providers and their special web hosting for WordPress packages.