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USB 3.2 Doubles the Data Rate to 20 Gbps

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced the next stage for the Universal USB interface. The specification USB 3.2 provides a multi-lane operation: the data rate is doubled by two lines instead of one. This allows up

Drobo 5C Intelligent USB Memory up to 64 TB Review

The amount of data that each of us produces has grown enormously in the past few years and will continue to grow in the future. Various trends such as audio and video as well as digital photography

You Don’t Need to Safely Remove If You Set This Configure

Most people will choose safely remove before removing the flash drive from the USB port of a computer or laptop. The goal is that the data contained in it is not damaged. Despite good intentions, “ritual” safely

The Best USB Tips and Tools

From troubleshooting to art tips – here is everything you need to know about USB sticks. USB is everywhere: on the PC, the smartphone, printer and TV. With our tips and tools, and technical know-how you use

Overview: From USB 1.0 to 3.1

This overview summarizes what the individual USB logos mean – from the beginnings with USB 1.0 on the still widespread USB 2.0 up to the current USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB 1.0 The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF)

Check How Fast Your Usb Flash Drive

The read and write speed of a USB stick, you can test under Windows with standard tools, if you use the command line. In many cases, it does not matter how fast a USB flash drive can

Easy Copy USB Cable

Ideal solution for sharing files between two non-networked computers USB 2.0 hi-speed compliant, easy to use. This cable offers the fastest and simplest way to transfer your files. Transfer your entire user account or all user accounts

Seagate Innov8 External Hardisk Power from USB

Innov8 is Seagate external desktop hardisk with a capacity of eight terabytes. In addition to large capacity, Seagate Innov8 has other advantages in terms of power supply. When an external hard disk is usually a desktop class

The New USB Plug: Type C

With the current USB version 3.1, a new plug-in collection holds: Type C. Thanks to its flat design it is particularly suitable for computer and consumer electronics as well as for tablets and smartphones. The Type-C connector