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New Plextor EX1 External SSD Use USB Type-C

Plextor announced their latest generation Solid State Drive (SSD) which is EX1. The device is claimed to be designed for users with fast data transfer needs, with a sleek design and lightweight. Performance Using a Type-C USB

Increase the Disk Space on PC and Laptop

If it is true that new hard drives are getting bigger, it is also true that the photos and videos made with your smartphone more and more, and that in the long run, keep all the media

Disk Usage 100 Percent, What Should We Do?

What the… I think, usage disk 100 percent not good for your computer. If this happened to your computer or laptop, it will make us frustrated, slow computer and the worst thing is damage the computer! So,

Losing SSD Drive Space for No Reason

If you losing ssd drive space for no reason, you’re not alone. Just like Davis’ problem, here the question: Done a fresh installed of my Op system. I had at one time almost 30 gb, last night

Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD with MLC-NAND review

With the VX500 series Toshiba presents a completely new range of mainstream SSD models. The new SSDs of the VX500 series should be characterized by a good reading performance at an attractive price and delivering attractive results

Can SSD Improves Game Performance than HDD?

The gaming industry is an ever-expanding industry, Along with the transition of the generation, you’ll meet a video game variant that not only appears more realistic but also innovative at the same time. Fun indeed, but changes

Corsair Neutron NX500 PCIe SSD: fast and durable PCIe SSD

PCIe SSD with NVMe support and MLC memory. After the release of the Corsair MP500, the memory specialist with the Neutron NX500 presents the next SSD series with the latest NVE standard. While the MP500 is mounted

Find the perfect external hard drive

External hard disks are ideal for backups and to transport data uncomplicatedly. However, the devices are now available in all possible versions. You should pay attention when buying, so that you have as long as something from

Patriot Scorch NVMe SSD: Phison E8 and BiCS3 flash on PCIe 3.0 x2

Patriot Memory is the market launch of a SSD series with a new Phison controller and PCIe 3.0 x2. The PCIe SSD Patriot Scorch is an M.2 module with 3D-TLC-NAND and will be rated between slower SATA

Toshiba Prepare NVMe SSD XG5 With 64-Layer BiCS

Through Dell World, Toshiba features their newest laptop that works with NAND 64-layer for the first time, known as NVMe SSD XG5, designed for mainstream systems to high performance. The Toshiba XG5 uses four PCI Express 3.0