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The Difference between http and https

HTTP and HTTPS is protocol language code that are familiar to Internet users, because each link that refers to a website definitely use it. This code is also often encountered when we want to do browsing or

This is how You Secure Your WLAN Against Attackers

The router is not only the small box that gives access to the Internet. Through software errors or incorrectly configured interfaces, the domestic router can also become the gateway to hacking and thus to the security risk.

Windows Bug: Web pages can crash your computer

Web sites can crash computers with Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Guilt is a bug discovered by a Russian security company. Windows locks access to certain system resources, such as the master file table. If a website

Is Mac powerful against Viruses?

One statement that often comes out of the user’s laptop or PC is the resilience of Mac is much better than other Windows-based devices. The resilience we mean here is the resilience of Mac-based devices from viruses.

How to Enable and Disable Windows Defender

Several years ago Windows Defender was released in order to anticipate the growing growth of spyware threats. In Windows 8 and 10, Windows Defender comes in an expanded version that also provides PC protection against malware attacks.

Solving “This unsafe download was blocked by SmartScreen Filter” on Windows 10

Often when we will download applications and files on the Internet using Microsoft Edge browser, Windows displays a warning message “This unsafe download was blocked by SmartScreen Filter”. This unsafe download was blocked by SmartScreen Filter The

Free Anti Hacker Tools to Protect Your PC

A public WLAN or a weak point on the system suffice a resourceful hacker. With these free tools, you push the intruder into a bar. An antivirus program should have any Windows user installed and at least

SSL TLS Certificate Functions and Benefits

These following functions SSL / TLS certificate; Security for Communication Between Server and Visitors SSL / TLS certificate to inform visitors that the site visited is the correct site. Besides SSL / TLS to encrypt communications that

The Benefits of Firewall In Computer Networking

Maybe for some people who rarely dwell in the IT world are less familiar with this term, although the term firewall is already quite popular. A firewall is a computer network security system, which certainly has the

Windows Defender Hub App Now Available for Win 10

Microsoft have just released a new application in Windows Store called Windows Defender Hub. This is an app that currently has no other purpose than to open Windows Defender, including tips from the Microsoft Security Blog. In the