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Samsung is the Leader of SSD Market

Samsung has become the clear top dogs in the SSD market, serving more than a quarter of the market. 37 percent of global sales with Solid State Drives accounted in the first quarter 2016, the Korean Multi-company

Best Android Gaming Tablet Popular in 2016

Although the performance of the tablet is not as powerful as a laptop, but the charm of these gadgets are still in great demand. Tablet is a device that never loses its charm, because it is very

Samsung 850 Evo: First 4 TB SSD for Home Users

Samsung has introduced a 850 4-TB version of the SSD for home users. The high storage capacity has a high price.   The Samsung SSD 850 Evo is now available with a storage capacity of 4 terabytes.

Sony Xperia vs Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Android

SONY is a giant Japanese vendor. In the past, the company joined the Swedish vendor, Sony Ericsson. They come together to produce mobile phones of various types. However, Sony has independently created the android smartphone with the