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Tricks to Make PC with Low RAM smooth

One of the most important components of the device you use is the presence of RAM (Random Access Memory). Large RAM capacity will certainly make the device you use can run quickly. However, for low-capacity RAM users

DDR5: New DRAM with its own power supply

The final specifications of DDR5-RAM have not yet been established, in the server area the new modules could be equipped with their own power supply. It is planned to finalize the DDR5 standard by summer 2018. Until

Graphics memory: GDDR5X now with 16 Gbps

Micron pushes GDDR5 further to the limit: A research group of the group has reached the stable mark of 16 Gbps in Munich, whose series deployment is now the focus. After the introduction of only 10 Gbps

Differences DDR4 vs DDR3 Memory and DDR5 development

Differences DDR4 and DDR3 on pin and processor and chipset needs. DDR memory technology starts from DDR SDRAM, In 2000, DDR SDRAM was first started In 2003, again appear DDR2 SDRAM memory In 2007, again replaced with

G.SKILL F4-3000C16D-32GRS: With Huge Capacity

The latest Intel processors have been supporting DDR4 and main memory as well as a variety of notebooks today. For notebook users who need this kind of main memory with a capacity greater, presenting G.SKILL F4-3000C16D-32GRS. Comes

Most Popular Brands of ddr4 Ram

Test and purchase recommendations for DDR3 and DDR4 RAM 2016: In order to find the optimal memory for your system, we give recommendations for purchase and test reports for the lowest possible memory as well as especially

Main Memory PC You Should to Know

The main memory is the storage media in the form of an array composed word or byte, capacity could be millions shelf arrangement. Each word or byte has its own address. The data stored in the main

Ram Full, Main Cause and Resolve

RAM or Random Access Memory is one of the computer hardware that is very important. In this hardware, RAM serves to be a memory or storage of ongoing application. Normally on a PC RAM capacity ranging from

Increase PC Performance ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 2400MHz (PC4 19200) 16GB

In the world of desktop computers, in addition to the ability of the existence of a capable processor and graphics card on board, sufficient RAM and large capacity is a determining factor for the hardness of PC

Super-fast SSDs with ST-MRAM

3D XPoint or ReRAM are not the only memory that are much faster than NAND flash. Everspin has been building for some time memory from ST-MRAM. Problem: Small capacity and high prices.   ST-MRAM, Spin Torque Magnetoresistive