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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PS3 and PS4

Isn’t it time you got yourself this awesome setup? This set up for the new Need for Speed will tickle you fancy! The Logitech for value for money… Great wheels! Logitech G29 Gaming Steeting Wheel with Pedals!

PlayStation 3: Sony bury a success story

Sony will no longer produce the PlayStation 3 in Japan’s home market. The PS3 had a difficult start but developed nevertheless to a great success for Sony. She came to the market in 2006. Playstation 3: Sony

PS3 games on the PC: PlayStation Now was Officially Announced

There is good news for fans of the game console Sony PlayStation. Sony has released an application based on cloud computing (cloud) called PlayStation Now, you can play various games PlayStation 3 Tuesday (8/23). Unlike the emulation