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Asus cheap notebook for student with Windows 10 S

Since the presence of Chrome OS-based Chromebook that is quite successful targeting the realm of education, Microsoft as the world’s leading operating system manufacturers do not seem to remain silent to try to target the realm. OS

List Cheap Laptop with Windows 10

Having a good laptop device does not always have to be paid for an expensive price. Some laptops are also offered at a friendly price. These list below are Windows 10 laptops that you can purchase with

Huawei Plans to Make Notebook To Compete Apple MacBook

Recently Microsoft has launched their new product called Surface Laptop. The device will become a competitor to Apple MacBook because Microsoft compares some of its specifications and becomes the answer to Google’s Chrome OS. But Microsoft is

Tohsiba X30 Super Lightweight Laptop with High Performance

A laptop product with high mobility has just been introduced by Toshiba. The Japanese electronics manufacturer introduced its new laptop named Toshiba Portege X30. High mobility is the main attraction. With a weight of about 1 kg

When the laptop suddenly unable to turn on

Laptops are specially designed to be easy to carry anywhere, certainly more profitable when compared with desktop computers. Since this device has emerged, it’s almost as if it has been able to hypnotize many people to the

Tips for Choosing Asus Laptop for Students, Gamers, and Professional Workers

Among the types of computing devices, laptop role still not able to be replaced by a tablet computer or smartphone. Sophisticated as anything tablets and smartphones, it uses the laptop is still more convenient and reliable. However,

ASUS VivoBook Max X441SA, Cheap but Powerful

An entry-level market dominated by young people is still a potential market, especially in Indonesia. The limited funds that are generally owned by the young people often pose difficulties for them. One of the difficulties often faced

Laptop or Desktop Computer, Which You Sould Buy?

Surfing, working or gaming – current laptops are suitable for all applications. They have pushed the typical desktop PC more and more recently. Not only do you have your mobile companion with you at all times, but

Buyer Guide: The Perfect Laptop for You

You know, Laptops are available in countless sizes, designs and equipment variants. Which of these is the ideal mobile computer for your personal needs? The surfer and communicator You are using your laptop mainly for checking your

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-17IKB 17.3 inches Notebook Core i5

The main features of the Notebook IdeaPad 110-17IKB are the following: The main features of the Notebook IdeaPad 110-17IKB are: The 2.5 GHz Intel® Core ™ i5 dual-core processor of the device provides intelligent performance with high