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Nintendo Switch: Demand continues to exceed supply

According to Gamestop, the demand for the Nintendo console switch in the US is unbroken. Eric Bright, a senior director of merchandising, told Forbes that Nintendo’s received follow-on deliveries were sold out again within a few hours.

Joy-Con Nintendo Switch Controller Also Can Be Used in PC

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not the only device from Nintendo Switch that can be used on PCs. According to The Verge, YouTuber DreWoof again proved Joy-Con controller can also be used in PC like other controller.

Nintendo Switch Support Up to 8 Accounts, eShop Any Regions

Nintendo is already disclosed various details about their new console called the Nintendo Switch. But unfortunately, the information disclosed even raise more questions, for example about the region-free. Kotaku has sent questions to Nintendo about Switch, ranging

Trying to rival PS4, Nintendo Switch Out March 2017?

New generation gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch reportedly will be launched in March 2017. The innovative features of Nintendo Switch might make gamers think before buying a game console such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. A posting

Resurrection Japanese Old Console Game

Japanese legend of console game is reborn! Mini Nintendo NES was Sold Starting Today! In September, Nintendo made a surprise announcement about the NES Classic. The device is basically a miniature version of the original NES game