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ECS LIVA XE: A Practical Computing Solution for Nomads

Before I start reviewing these mini-PC products, I have been looking for information on the official web of ECS. Somewhat unfortunate, in our opinion, this ECS LIVA XE product info, we find it difficult to find info

Gigabyte Brix Gaming, a new mini-pc for gamers

Having a gaming computer is a pleasure in itself, but usually a gaming computer has a size large enough to mess up your room. If you do not want to make your workspace a mess, Gigabyte has

Small and delicate: The new Mini-PCs

The times when tower-high and chunky computer cases dominated the desk have been a long time: both laptops, tablets and smartphones have taken over many of the tasks that the desktop PC used to be responsible for

These are the functions of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi (RPi) is a pocket-size single computer board (SBC). This product is made by Raspberry Pi Foundation. The goal, to introduce teaching basic computer science in schools and developing countries. When released, this product sells well

Compute Card : Intel’s Small PC

After repeatedly introducing a variety of small form factor, Intel today introduced a card-sized computer. Probably not as thin as a business card, but the width of a business card with a thickness of about 4-5 card.

Mini PC Review: Apple Mac Mini i5 1.4GHz

Apple launches the Mac mini’s most compact and most affordable Mac PC on the market. Apple Mac Mini i5 is the most affordable Mac PC. Similar peripherals as the Mac Pro extremely compact Review Mini PC Review: Apple Mac