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Microsoft Paint Immediately Ends with Windows Update 10

San Francisco – Microsoft Paint era will end with the upcoming release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The image editing app was officially classified by Microsoft as an “outdated feature”, according to The Guardian. This means

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Experiments undesirable: Special requirements have to be considered for ergonomic keyboards. This has been achieved with the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard – one of the best that Microsoft has ever built. After nearly four years, Microsoft has launched

Paper Size and Type in Microsoft Word

The size of the paper in Microsoft Word there are many, but usually the widely used only a few types and sizes only of which are the size of paper F4, A4 paper size and also paper

How to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser Settings Easily

Almost all the latest web browsers are sure to have settings to restore the original settings (reset). Windows mainstay browser before, Internet Explorer, even also has this setting. But unfortunately, in Microsoft’s latest browser, Microsoft Edge, it

When Microsoft Office Can’t Activate Because Apparently Phone Activation

Somebody ask to a forum: What are my options (legally, not cracking)? TL:DR; Can’t activate because apparently phone activation is no longer supported. — Bought this copy of Office via my the MS Home Use Program (via

Microsoft releases Blue Screen of Death

In the recently released Windows 10 Build 14997, Windows tinkers discovered a small sensation: the famous Blue Screen of Death is now green! But not every Windows user will see the new GSOD The Blue Screen of

Lets Fun with Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office is an everyday companion in office life. But do you really like the software? We reveal practical tricks. Comprehensive advice to Office to convey to four printed pages, is an (almost) impossible task. That is

HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and mobility

Micrososft is forging the next generation of HoloLens to feature a dedicated AI chip. Here the interesting thing is, this HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and it gives the device more mobility since it doesn’t

Get $250K if You Found a Bug in Windows 10

The company owned by the richest people in the world, Microsoft, recently announced a contest for those who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Windows operating system 10. For those who can win the contest, Microsoft is

New Windows Preview Can Connect Android to PC

In mid-May, Microsoft explained its new strategy in the mobile industry. After failing to attract consumers with Windows Phone, Microsoft wants to attract the hearts of iPhone and Android users with various applications made. Now, Microsoft lets