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Is Mac powerful against Viruses?

One statement that often comes out of the user’s laptop or PC is the resilience of Mac is much better than other Windows-based devices. The resilience we mean here is the resilience of Mac-based devices from viruses.

Tips fixing the MacBook bad performance with CleanMyMac

Information on how to speed up the performance of a slow MacBook using the CleanMyMac app. Do not leave your Mac full of garbage, clean up immediately with CleanMyMac this application is widely used by Mac users

When The Mac No Longer Starts

If the Mac does not start, you can solve the problem yourself in many cases. A guide in ten steps. Only when something is missing does one often realize how valuable it is. This experience made since

Old Mac Computer Transformed Become Pot Plants

Who says stuff that is already old can not be harnessed into useful products, because if given a creative touch, then the old stuff could be the goods that have artistic value. Even this could be interesting

Knowing Mac Address Computer

As a human, the computer also has an address that is used to identify them. Exactly, Mac address is a unique hardware identifier of a network (eg, Ethernet card or wireless card). Because it is unique, of

IMac 27 inch review: Apple’s all-in-one to work and play

Finally new Mac again! The update, especially for the iMac, was long overdue, now it is with current Intel hardware from the generation Kaby Lake and with new graphics cards from AMD. In the test of the

Apple Patent: Accessory Turns iPhone into Notebook

The smartphone takes the place of the trackpad and is used as such, while it provides internal components such as processor and memory. Alternatively, an iPad could function as a display. The supplementary device only expands and

Mini PC Review: Apple Mac Mini i5 1.4GHz

Apple launches the Mac mini’s most compact and most affordable Mac PC on the market. Apple Mac Mini i5 is the most affordable Mac PC. Similar peripherals as the Mac Pro extremely compact Review Mini PC Review: Apple Mac

Mac OS Sierra: New Apple Desktop Operating System

Present day, it seems Apple is still the gadget manufacturer with the most prestigious brands. This American multinational company was constantly issued the latest technology products which must by always awaited by their fans. Based on information

Which More Benefit Uses Mac or Windows PC?

If you currently use a windows PC, but it’s getting rather tired and old looking (the PC not the user) so you planning to get a new one. A question is, should you get a new Windows